Chapter Seventeen: Emetophilia:

March 3rd, 2010.

8:00 a.m.

The young man swam over to the hand. His body went through a huge bubble wall. The lad softly landed on his feet. The ground felt rocky as blue and green waves floated around him. Sure, he was still underwater, but yet not at the same time. That lavender scent drew his attention and his feet slowly began to move forward. The rocks made him step up and down. When the scent grew stronger, he found her. She stood near a big rock, watching a small waterfall. The hem of her long blue and red dress caressed the wet rocks under foot. A soft breeze played with her wispy reddish-brown locks. The lad's heart danced as his eyes lit up.

"White Rabbit?" he asked. The woman turned to face him and held a dainty hand to him. Her husband gulped.

"May I?" he asked. The woman gave him permission with her olive eyes. The young man gasped. Whoa, he thought. Okay� He reached forward to her hand, paused. No longer hunter and prey, but he was returning home. That little feeling warmed his chest as he latched onto her hand. A wave of light blue washed over them both.

The young man awoke on land. The high sun shone dimly overhead. That lavender scent faded into lotuses now. He looked down to see his White Rabbit lying underneath him. Her dress changed from blue to white in the mossy grass. She smiled softer than the meadow of flowers around them. She reached up and touched his cheek. He tried to lick her fingertips.

"Don't ever leave me," he murmured. She looked at him with those big angelic olive eyes of hers.

"Stay with me," she said in a low gentle voice. He leaned down for a life-giving, lingering kiss as his word. His White Rabbit took him into a loving embrace as she accepted.


Tsuzuki lay on top of Anna, panting. Neither one wanted to get up.


April 8th, 2010.


Hisoka exited through the back of the club. To his surprise, Hana Hinako was right next door to the club. He noticed the bright pink lights ahead of him. A strange sense of calm came over him. He closed his eyes and drew in a breath. Eight easy paces and was there. He could smell the perfume from the doorway. The shinigami pushed open the pink glass doors. A public bath fit that description down to a tee. Everyone here only wore towels or nothing in the steam surrounding them. The color drained from Hisoka�s face. Really? I'm to meet her here? It looked like a set-up for a really bad joke. Still, he needed to do this. The boy walked up to the front desk. A middle-aged woman in a kimono eyed him. She put out her cigarette.

"Yeah?" she asked. Hisoka looked her in the eye.

"I'm looking for Tiger here," he said. The woman handed him a key. Hisoka nodded and walked down the hall. The moans filled his ears. God knows what they were doing here. Hisoka shuddered not to think about it. Just get through this. Get it and leave, he thought. He finally came to room 17. The shinigami brushed off all doubt. The door clicked unlocked with the key.

Jessie sat on the bed, waiting. She gave him a small wave. "Good, you're here."

He closed the door behind him. "What do you have?" She smirked at him. "Here you are." She tossed a baggy filled with white powder at his feet. He picked it up, perplexed.

"What is this?"

She leaned in, smirking. "Guess."

He blinked before it dawned on him. "Oh no!"


He shook his head. "I never wanted this."

"This is only the start."

"You didn't say anything about drugs."

She put her hand over mouth, giggling. "What did you think I meant?"

Hisoka shook his head. "Oh no, I can't!"

"Why not?"

"I don't do things like this!" He gave her back the baggy. "Take this back!"

She smirked as he turned to leave. "Oh, is that it?"

Hisoka paused. "Excuse me?"

Jessie reclined back on the bed. "I just thought that you wanted to kill your pain."

"I do, but not that way."

"Oh come on, it's only a start."


She slid off the bed and placed the baggy in his hand. "At least think about it." Hisoka turned to her with big, silent eyes. She closed his hand around the small baggy.