Chapter thirteen: Fading Light:

    “Look here she comes now, bow down and stare in wonder. Oh, how we love you! No flaws when you’re pretending, but I know she never was and never will be.”

-Evanescence “Everybody’s Fool”
    Aneko knocked on the Takashi apartment door. Nancy opened the door. “Hai?” she asked when she saw the girl. “I’m here to stay the ban with Takeru.” Aneko explained. Nancy just nodded and moved aside. Aneko walked in. Nancy watched on. “Aneko! Dozo save my son!!!” she thought. “I will!” the princess thought.

    Aneko made it to Takeru’s room. She took a deep breath and opened the door. Takeru lie in the dark in bed. He was out in a daze and sweating. “Be strong Aneko!” the princess thought. Then she slowly approached him.

    “Mom.” Takeru said aloud. Aneko froze. “Nai Takeru,” she said. “It’s me, Usagi.” The boy said nothing. The princess proceeded. She made it to his bedside. Takeru was panting hard. “It’s okay Teddy.” Aneko said. “I’m here for you now.” The boy was still panting.

    Aneko laid her head on his chest and shut her eyes. But the princess shot them back open again. “His hikari…” she thought. “But naze?” Worry shot through her. This had to be on oni’s curse. But naze? Naze Takeru? Naze this innocent tenshi? Oh Kami, naze? Naze? Aneko broke down into tears.

    The princess tried to ward off sleep. But in the end, she lost the battle and was out like a hikari. Dreams of Takeru’s death haunted her.