Fantasy Carnival

    “Are you sure you know where we’re going?” Takeru asked as they kept walking. Aneko and Takeru were walking through the woods. The princess said she had a surprise for him. “You’ll see,” Aneko said as she led the way. “You’ll see.” Takeru just nodded in silence.
    The couple came to a wall cover in soft bamboo. Takeru was confused. Why were they here? Aneko walked to the wall. She looked around real quick and leaned in close. Takeru looked close with her. “Tell anyone about this and I’ll rip out your tongue! You got me?” the princess hissed in a low voice. Knowing her threat to him were all talk and no action, Takeru said: “Completely.” Aneko grinned. “Good.” said she. Then she turned to the “wall” and pushed the bamboo aside. A wall of oak stood firm and tall. Aneko put her hand to it and began chanting to herself. The wall began to vanish slowly as she chanted.
    When the wall went away, Takeru was amazed. Within the trees sat a lavish carnival! Fireflies were flying all over the place. Bright colors add cheer and youth to the place. Though not many were there, the carnival was pretty much alive.
    Takeru stared at the place in delight. “You like it?” Aneko asked at last. “Uh-huh!” her boyfriend said aloud. “I’m glad you like it.” the princess said. Then she went though the opening. Aneko turned to Takeru. “Well, come on.” she said. “We haven’t got all day.” Takeru quickly nodded and followed her through the opening. The passage shut closed behind them.
    On the other side, she waited like a snake. She looked out to the scenery. “Oh good!” she thought. “They’re here!” Then she transported to them.
    “Where do you want to go first?” Aneko asked Takeru. “Wow, there’s so much!” her boyfriend exclaimed. He looked around. Everything was so new and exciting. Finally, something caught his eye. It was a merry-go-round. It was all lit up and brightly colored. “Let’s go on that.” he said as he pointed the merry-go-round. Aneko looked with him. “We can do that.” she said. Then they headed that way.
    For hours, the couple rode the rides, played the games, ate the food, and basically hung around the place. The place even set a romantic mood. Takeru kept getting Hentai thought about Aneko. The couple found themselves kissing more than ever. Takeru kissed more than ever. Takeru kissed on Aneko’s neck and nibbled on her ears. The princess moaned aloud. What paradise!
    Then in the fiery passion, Aneko sensed something. She lightly pushed her boyfriend away and looked up. Takeru was confused. “What’s wrong Usagi?” he asked. “Someone’s here.” the princess said. Her boyfriend looked up with her. Soon, black clouds formed in the sky. They grew thicker and thicker. Finally, the clouds sank to the ground. Then it dismasted.
    A woman stood in its place. She had rich olive-toned skin. Her hair was fiery red. Her eyes matched her hair. She was grinning. The couple strengthened their defenses.
    “My, my, my!” the woman said. “How sweet! A date! Too bad it will be short lived!” “Who the hell are you?!?” Aneko snapped. The woman grinned harder. “Call me, Lou.” she said. “Demon’s loyal servant!” Aneko’s defense grew stronger.
    “Now,” Lou said. “I have to kill you for my master.” She clasped her hands to her chest. She began singing aloud. Sharp knives shot up from the ground. They we’re pointing to the couple. Lou’s song grew louder. On the final note, the knives took off and started flying at the couple.
    It looked rough at first. Takeru and Aneko were dodging knives left and right. Then they picked up the speed. And when one gashed Takeru in his right arm, Aneko grew pissed. She stood up and yelled: “You damn bitch! I’m going to kick your ass now!!!”
    So the battle began. Lou began chanting again. More knives came out of the ground. They began sailing towards Aneko. She began dodging them. As she dodged them, Aneko’s wrath tripled. This bitch was ruining her date! How dare she! Okay! That’s it! Time to really kick ass!
    Aneko stopped abruptly. She held her hands out long. The princess began her own chanting. Lou grinned as she watched the knives sail closer. “Bai-bai bitch!” she thought.
    But then, the knives paused. “Oro?” Lou thought. Then the knives turned around and pointed at her. The demon’s eyes grew big. “Holy crap!!!” she yelled. Then the knives stabbed her. Aneko grinned hard. She moved her hands towards Lou’s direction. “Song bomb!” she yelled. Then the great light shot from her hands and blasted the demon far away.
    Aneko and Takeru looked around each other. What was once paradise was now just rumble. Aneko just sighed and shook her head. “All for one battle.” she thought. “How sad.” The sun sadly set over the trees and the ruined carnival.

To Be Continued….