Chapter Sixteen: Free Little Sister:

Michiko drew open her eyes. Kyosuke stood over her with his hand up.

“Oh good, you’re awake,” he said. His sister sat up, wide-eyed.

“You’re dead!” she shouted.

“Yes,” Kyosuke said. Michiko looked to his left.

“Who is this?” she asked.

“My name is Watari,” the blonde scientist said. “Nice to meet you.” Michiko sat up, blinking.

“Wait… You’re dead. Why are you here?” she asked.

“We need to talk,” Kyosuke said.

“What do you mean?”

“Michiko, why are you lying like this? What are you afraid of?”

She lowered her eyes. “Um…”

“It’s your leg, isn’t it? He doesn’t know, does he?”

“H-H-How do you know about LonelyScholar?”

Kyosuke rubbed the back of his head. “I’m a shinigami now. I know things.”

Michiko’s face went flat. “Oh.” A sweat drop appeared on her brother’s head.

“Anyway,” he said. “Why you lying to about your leg?”

Michiko trembled. “I didn’t mean to. It wasn’t supposed to be like that. I hadn’t thought…” She grabbed her arm. Kyosuke patted her shoulder.

“It just happened, didn’t it?” he asked. Michiko nodded once. The shinigami hugged his sister.

“Shhh,” he whispered. “It’s okay. It’s okay.”

“What am I going to do?” she asked. He patted her hair.

“You aren’t like this,” Kyosuke said. “You usually have your head on straight. What’s happened to you?”

“You died,” she said. Kyosuke looked her in the eye.

“I am so sorry,” he said. Michiko finally broke down crying. He turned to Watari.

“Just let her get it put of her system,” he mouthed. Kyosuke nodded. His sister cried against his chest.


Brother and sister sat on the couch moments later.

“Just tell him,” Kyosuke said. Michiko stared at him with big eyes.

“I can’t do that!” she said.

“You have to,” he said. “Hiding is not you. You are much stronger than that.”

“Heh,” she said. “You give too much credit.”

“Because it’s true.”



“Can you be there as I write the e-mail?”

Kyosuke smiled as he took her hand. “Yes.”

Michiko bowed her head. “Thank you.”


The next day, Michiko sat down at her computer. She drew in a deep breath and started typing.

Dear LonelyScholar,

I am really fond of you. I really like you, but I have not beer honest with you. No, I am not married. I have a deformed right leg. I’m sorry I can’t run or swim like you want to. I can’t walk too far.

It hurt her to keep writing. Kyosuke put his hand on her shoulder. Michiko looked up.

“You can do this,” her brother said.

“Yes,” Michiko said. Her fingers resumed typing.

“I’m sorry I lied to you. I didn’t expect to like to much. I thought we would just be friends. I can understand if you don’t want anything to do with me anymore. It was fun chatting with you. I hope you have a wonderful life.

Love MichiBunny

Michiko hit send.

“That’s done,” she said. “Now what?”

“You wait,” Kyosuke said. He pulled her into his arms. His sister sighed.

“Why does it hurt?” she asked.

“That’s how love is,” her brother said.

“Oh,” Michiko said, staring at the screen.