Dream Friends

Dateline: Hogosha rescues Kohana from a falling death.

(Dream begins)

    Kohana was walking along a flowered path with a bouquet of roses all colors when she heard someone crying. She looked up and saw a little boy sitting up against the graffiti wall crying. So she walked over to him and asked: “Why are you crying?” The boy looked up and saw a dark skinned girl with black hair in two sloppy ponytails with a little yellow short-sleeved dress, white lacy socks, and little yellow shoes on, and holding a bouquet of roses that were every color of the rainbow. “My daddy and my brother, Matt, are leaving and mommy said they aren’t coming back.” the boy sobbed out. “Don’t cry, I’ll be your friend. My name is Kohana.” said the little princess. “I’m Takeru.” said the boy. “Here.” said Kohana as she handed him a red rose from bouquet. “What’s this for?” asked Takeru. “A token of our friendship.” she said. “Domo arigato.” he said.

(Dream Ends)

    Takeru woke up and saw the same red rose that Kohana gave him. “She’s an angel.” he thought. This made his day sweeter.

The End