Chapter Six: Friends of the Deceased:

August 20th, 2001.

Becky dragged Anna all the way down the hall after their Japanese literature class. The Japanese-American freshman tried to keep up in pace.

�Becky!� she cried, �Slow down, you�re hurting me!� The other girl didn�t listen; she kept dragging her by the arm and running.

They made it to room 207A. A group of freshmen and sophomores looked up from what they were doing. Anna looked at them feeling out of place. It was senior year of high school all over again. Becky stepped forward.

�Everyone!� she chirped as she clapped her hands. �We have a new member to our photography club!� She pushed Anna forward.

�Say hi to Anna Kimoto!� the leader cheered.

�Hi Anna!� the other members said. The new member gave a little wave.

�Hi,� she said softly. Becky turned to her smiling.

�Anna, this is Gillian Gilbert, Angie Waters, Lisa Meriwether, Edith Carpenter, Willow Mayer, Amy McCarthy, Clare Ainsworth, and Henry,� she introduced. The leader paused for a breath.

�Great!� Becky cheered. �Now that you�re all here, let�s get started!� Anna sat down next to Henry, keeping quiet. She already wished that she was somewhere else.

�Lovely!� Becky cheered. Then, she started up the photography club�s first meeting of the semester. Anna tried her best to keep up with her fast talking. Suddenly, she felt someone tap her on the shoulder. She quietly turned around and Henry sat behind her smiling.

�Hey,� he whispered. The Japanese-American girl looked at him oddly.

�Hey,� she whispered back in an uncertain tone. The boy peered at her through his fine gray-framed glasses.

�Don�t mind Becky,� he whispered. �She may be pushy and hyped up at times, but she means well.� Anna raised an eyebrow at him.

�Is that right?� she asked softly. Henry nodded before pushing up his glasses.

�Her pushiness is just her way of saying that she cares about the people she loves,� he explained, �You will learn.� Anna looked on at Henry. For the first time since summer, the freshman felt something playfully warm in her heart for him. It wasn�t as strong as when Tsuzuki stayed with her that night, but it was sure damn close.

May 8th, 2009.

Right then, a question wandered into Tsuzuki�s mind. �Hey Anna,� he said. The woman eyed him.

�Hm?� she asked.

�How did you find out about the Hell Stone?� the Shinigami questioned. Anna perked up at that question.

�Here, let me show you,� she said. The woman walked over to her resting laptop. Tsuzuki followed behind. Anna moved the mouse to return to her desktop. The screensaver vanished and the password screen took its place. She scanned her fingerprint and desktop returned.

�Somebody brought my backpack here either last night or this morning,� Anna explained while doing so. �A note came with it saying, �You left this,� no name of course. Does anyone else know that I�m alive again?�

�Just the guys back at Ju-Oh-Cho,� Tsuzuki answered. He didn�t tell her about Kato just yet. That man seemed to be plotting something for them both. What, he could not be certain.

�That note led me to think my backpack could be a trap,� Anna went on. �I checked the bad and everything in it. All of my things were fine. Then, I checked my laptop and flash drive and got this message.� She clicked on the Word Document and pulled it up. Tsuzuki read it to himself.

�And you don�t know who wrote this?� he asked, looking at the screen. The woman shook her head. The Shinigami thought about that for a moment. He had a guess as to who wrote both notes and got her backpack. The man didn�t say anything for he didn�t have any proof or know how close she was to him. Tsuzuki decided not to say anything until he had more evidence. Suddenly, something caught his eye.

�Hey, you have a new message,� the Shinigami said.

�Huh?� Anna said as she looked up. The Yahoo mail icon on her taskbar flashed like crazy. She clicked on it and Yahoo mail popped up. She had one message in her spam folder. The woman clicked on it. She and Tsuzuki read the address and the title, �Warning!!!�

�Who is� the Shinigami asked. Anna shrugged and shook her head. She clicked on the message and both read on.


This is just a friendly warning to you, but your friends from California are here in Japan looking for you. They think you were murdered. The little talkative blonde has been keeping in touch with your aunts back in California.

The sender had no name to message. Anna and Tsuzuki looked at each other worried.

�My friends are here?� she asked. Tsuzuki stared at the e-mail sharing the same thoughts.

�Think it�s a trap?� he asked.

�I�m going to e-mail this person back and see,� the woman replied. She clicked on reply. A blank message popped up and Anna started typing.

�Who are you and how do you know about me? Are you sure my friends are here in Japan and how did you get my e-mail address? Are you the one who got my backpack and sent the first note?� she said as she typed. Tsuzuki proofread before Anna clicked send. The message sent nicely, however it bounced right back.

�Huh?� Anna asked, �It bounced back because the address doesn�t exist!�

�A temporary address?� he asked.

�Seems that way,� the woman answered.

�What do you want to do?� Tsuzuki asked. Anna turned around to him.

�We�ve got no choice but to wait and see, I guess,� she said with a shrug. The Shinigami eyed her.

�It could be a trap,� he pointed out again.

�What choice do we have?� she asked. �Becky won�t let up until she has answers.�

�Becky?� Tsuzuki asked.

�One of the friends in question,� Anna answered, �She is like the alpha female in this photography club we were in during college. She was the president, in fact.�

�Photo club, huh?� Tsuzuki asked impressed after learning a little bit about Kimoto-san.

�I�ll talk about that later,� she quickly brushed off, �Right now, we need to deal with my friends.�

�Right,� he said, �I�ll call Hisoka and have him meet us near the police station.� Anna looked at him oddly.

�The police station; why there?� she was about to ask. However, the woman answered her own question in her head. �Oh, I see! Because they are looking for me!� she said after it hit her.

�That�s right,� Tsuzuki said. �We probably should get going. But first, we should get something to eat!� Anna�s face went blank.

�What? Why?� she asked on the last part of his comment. A sweat drop formed on Tsuzuki�s head as he shook it.

�Never mind!� he said quickly, �Let�s just go!�

�Right,� Anna replied. The woman turned back to her laptop and closed everything down. Once she shut down her laptop, Tsuzuki held onto Anna and teleported out to Tokyo Police Station.