Gordon to Krista II


I looked at the address that Kris had written down on the scrap of paper. I blinked when I saw the problem. No wonder she couldn�t find my house, I thought. She has always had trouble getting the numbers right with addresses.

I looked over at Kris again. �Well, hi.� She smiled as she looked away.

�Hey,� she said back.

I pressed my hands together. �So� how did you find out that I was living in Suiten?�

�Your mother told me,� she said. My face dropped when she said that. I frowned and blinked at that statement.

�What did you say?� I asked.

�Your mother told me that you and her were living here in this town,� she repeated. I blinked at her as lost as ever.

�Okay�� I said. �How did you get my number?�

�My mother gave it to me,� she said.

�And how did she get my number?�

�They�ve been talking to each other for a long time.�

I just kind of frowned at her now. Okay� Someone needs a good talking to. Kris took a sip of her tea.

�I called your mother three weeks ago and talked to her,� she went on. �She sounded so surprised and happy to hear my voice again.� I nodded at her for a bit.

�I can imagine,� I mumbled. Now, don�t get me wrong, I�m glad to see Kris again. Just would�ve been nice to know that we�ve lived in the same town for all of these years. If only she would�ve called or e-mailed me or something. But no, nothing; nothing at all.

�I asked for your address and your mother happily gave it to me,� Kris summed up. �But as you can see� yeah.� I made a face at her.

�And� why didn�t you try to contact me earlier?� I asked. Kris made a dumb, goofy little face at me.

�I forgot,� she said with her tongue out. I raised an eyebrow at her.

�You forgot?� I asked.

�Well, more like I was too busy,� she said.

�Too busy with what?� I asked, still trying to make sense of �Krista logic� as I called it. It made no sense then and I doubt it won�t make sense now. She threw up her hands in a little shrug.

�With life!� she replied. I sighed as I lowered my head. And there is was, folks. Typical Krista logic. No sense, just confusing babble. Yet, that part of her charm, I guess. Suddenly, we heard the front door slide open.

�I�m home!� we heard a woman call out to us. I lifted my head.

�Oh, mom�s home,� I said. Kris�s face lit up when I said that. We turned to see my mother in the doorway.

�Hey Gordy,� she said. �Hi Kris.� I gave my mom a smile wave. Krista rushed forward with wide open arms.

�Mommy!� she cheered. She giggled as she hugged my mother. Mom hugged her back.

�Yes, it�s so good to see you again too,� she replied. They both got lost in laughing and chatter as I watched at them. Okay� did I just miss something here? I�m really going to have a nice long talk with my mother afterwards.