Max to Krista


I got a strange call from an old friend the other day. Hi name is Max and I didn�t think I would ever hear from him since I moved away from Tokyo. The other day came as quite a shock to me.

I was cleaning my room around that time when my cell phone rang. I almost jumped when I heard �Logical Song� playing at me. I stared at my phone, blinking at it.

�Hm?� I asked myself. �Mom�s still at work. Why would she be calling me now?� Curious, I picked up the phone and answered.

�Hello?� I asked.

�Is this Krista Hopewell?� I heard a guy ask me.

�Yes, this is she,� I replied. �Why?�

�Great! Do you remember that Tokyo school fire in �92?�

�Yeah, I went to that school. Why? Who are you?�

�Krista, it�s me! Max!�

I blinked in confusion. �I don�t know a Max��

�I was in your class then. You were such a crybaby. Gordy and I used drop rub spiders in your lap just to make you sob big tears.�

Sounded about familiar. Two boys did used to pick on me when I was in kindergarten. Gordy was definitely one of those boys. But what about the other boy? I keep thinking it was Ben, yet it might have been Maxxie. Maybe it was both. I just had to see.

�Describe yourself to me then,� I said.

�I had short dark brown hair that came to my ears,� he said.


�Baby blue eyes.�

�Did you have a scar on your forehead from a bike accident?�

�No, that was Russell.�

�You sure?�


I thought about this for a moment. Maxxie might sound familiar to me, but I�m not so sure. Then, he asked me a question that just shocked me through and through.

�Do you remember the zoo trip just after we all started kindergarten?� the man asked me. I paused for a moment.

�I guess�� I said. �Why?

�What do you remember about it?�

�Well� A giraffe ate my hat, Julie was sick that day, I had on pink sparkly bows that day, Lisa hurt her ankle on the stairs, and� and��

�Did a monkey take Ben�s ice cream just when we were about to leave?� he asked.


�Do you remember a boy doing a monkey dance to calm him down?�


�That was me!�

I gasped over the phone. �That was you?�



�That�s me.�

�Oh wow. It�s been like, forever.�

�I know, right?�

I flopped back onto my bed. �So, what made you decide to call me?�

�Just because.�

�Just because?�

�I just wanted to find my old friends.�

�Who have you found so far?�

�Ben, Julie, Kele, Lisa, and you. I�m still looking for Gordy, Russell, Matt, and Robin.�

�You don�t say.�

�Have you heard from any of them?�

I sat up at that question. �No, I never really thought about that.�

�Oh, I see.�

I blinked for a moment. �Why?�

�Just a thought.�

�Anything else?�

�No. I�m okay.�



�Bye.� We both hung up from there. That whole conversation got me thinking. What other of my old friends are here in Suiten too? From there, I began my search, starting with Gordy himself.