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After ten years, I finally self-published volume one on August 7th, 2015. Because of that, it was time to give this site a little makeover to make it look more professional. I moved this section from Tripod and the class section of the main site to make Hapless Cupid's site to make it much easier to access. I decided to keep the layout because Urd from Ah My Goddess, pictured above, reminds of my character, Victoria. Please take your time and look around the site.

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News and Updates

8/10/15: I moved the this site to and fixed it up to make it look more professional.

3/4/15: I started volume six.

7/29/13: I have finished volume five and added the soundtrack, picture requests, and the previews to volume six.

4/29/12: I have added chapter fourteen.

7/21/10: I have started volume five.

7/20/10: I have finished volume four and the the previews for volume five.

4/9/10: I have added chapter eleven and added the previews for volume four.

1/29/10: I have started volume four.

1/1/10: I have finished volume three.

12/20/09: I have added chapter eight and added a new title.

12/9/09: I have started volume three and added a new title.

11/26/09: Happy Thanksgiving all! I have finished volume two and the previews for volume three.

9/8/09: I have added chapter five and the ads.

6/21/09: I have added the fortune teller, fixed the title name, and started volume two.

6/18/09: I have colored the scrolls, fixed the music, and added decor pics and pilot.

2/15/07: I have added more titles, the students, and the charms.

9/5/06: I have added more music.

8/22/06: I have added the music.

8/2/06: I have added the class.

7/26/06: Born.

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