Happy House on Earth

Haru and Nancy have been dating for a year now. On the surface, they were just a typical mixed race couple. They both worked during the day. He worked in a local udon shop and she worked in the library. The couple lived with her toddler daughter.

No sex was involved in their relationship. They had their reasons. Trauma was involved, but we won’t focus on that part of Nancy and Haru’s relationship just yet. We’re here to focus on the happy things.

Haru was a shy boy. He didn’t really interact with other people in Suiten. Despite this, he tried to make the most of his new future. The boss understood his situation and tried to accommodate him. He’s not one for going out and partying. Haru was homebody who like to stay in and watch movies with his girlfriend. His day was rather simple: get up, get ready for the day, go to work, come home, watch a movie, and go to bed. He couldn’t remember having such normalcy in his life before he met Nancy. Now that he had, he almost didn’t know what to do with it. For now, Haru enjoyed the calm and light in his life. I don’t want to let it go, he thought.

Nancy was a little more bubbly. She talked to people, but prefer to stay at home after work. Her number one goal is to build a happy and stable family with Haru and her daughter, Quinn. Lucky for her, her coworkers were there for support and help when she needed it. Like Haru, she loved to go home and watch movies. They lived in their own private world of dancing, music, movies, and conversation. Despite sharing a bed, the couple didn’t have sex. To Nancy and Haru, too memory painful memories came from it. (Again, we won’t get into that just yet. We’re only focusing on easy and happy things in their relationship.) Besides, the couple decided they didn’t need sex. To them, it wasn’t necessary for a happy and romantic relationship.

So, what do Haru, Nancy, and even little Quinn have to do with heaven, earth, and hell? Like Michiro, they too will be dragged into hectic storm that the angels, the boys, and Tokyo ’87 brewing around them.