Hell to Earth


I love my new friend. He�s just so cute! I get a kick out of pressing Taro�s buttons. I can�t help it; his reaction to me is so adorable. I always try to track him down and play with him. He doesn�t seem to enjoy my games, but that doesn�t stop me. It�s just nice to have somebody to mess with. I don�t do it to be mean. It�s just how I bond with people I happen to like. Taro isn�t the first that I enjoy winding up, however. I happened to run into my first by chance.

Today started out as another game before my past caught up to me. Of all people, I didn�t expect him to find me again. I thought that he would�ve cut me off just like the others did. When he called my name, everything around me stopped. I turned around, tilting my head. I know this man standing before us. He�s my age and wears glasses just like me.

�Matty?� I asked. �Matty?� I slowly walked forward. He narrowed his eyes at me.

�Robin?� he asked. My jaw dropped once I realized who it was.

�Matty!� I exclaimed. Matty rolled his eyes.

�Don�t call me that,� he hissed. I rushed forward to hug him, but he pushed me away. I looked up at him, pouting.

�Matty?� I whimpered. He groaned and shook his head.

�You are too old to be acting like this!� Matty shouted. I lowered my head.

�I�m sorry,� I murmured.

�Where have you been?� Matty asked.

�Excuse me,� another voice spoke up. We turned and saw little Taro staring at us. I gave him a bold, little smile. He started back away as I walked up towards him. I leaned down so that our faces came within inches of each other.

�Taro-kun,� I said in a low, child-like voice. �This is my brother, Matty.�