I�m in Heaven


I love the men. There is no denying it. I just love men and I love to have sex with them. That�s what they�re there for after all. Now, I�ve had my taste over the years. Few have met my expectations. However, only one tops them all.

Danny is a fine man. When I first saw him on his motorcycle, I just had to have him. I spotted him at the local convenient store. I won�t bother with a pretense here. I was out looking for a date. The pickings weren�t really impressive that evening. Most of the guys there were old men. Sorry, but I only fuck hot guys. So far, that�s not turning out to be the case tonight. Damn it, I really wanted some action too. I sighed to myself over my cold tea. Don�t tell me I�ll have to�

I happened to look up and see him pulling up on his motorcycle. Curiosity drew me over to the window. When the rider took off his helmet, my tea hit the floor and spilled everywhere at my feet. Hello, sexy biker with dark blonde hair! I raced outside to make my presence known. As soon as I made it outside, his eyes locked onto mine. I licked my lips and flipped back my own blonde hair.

�Hey there,� I greeted him. That handsome man smiled at me.

�Well, this is quite the welcoming party,� he said.

�Oh, so you�re new here?�

�You can say that.�

Okay, this is interesting. �Care for me to show you around this boring little town?�

The sexy man raised an eyebrow at me. �Why would you do that?�

�Just because,� I said with a wink.

�I thought you said it was boring,� he said. �Why would I want a tour around a town that has never?� I smirked at him as I made my way over.

�Hey now,� I said in a low voice. �I didn�t say it was all boring.� I took a seat on his bike and leaned in close to his ear. �I can show you the most interesting shit around here.� The sexy man turned to me with a perplexed face.

�And where would those be?� he asked.

�Care to take me along on your bike?� I offered.

�Are you sure you want to do this?� he asked. �I could be pretty dangerous.� I smirked at his teasing.

�Oh please,� I said. �I can take danger.� That was all it took to get this party started. The sexy man and I hit the road.

�I�m Himeko!� I shouted. �What�s your name?�

�Call me Danny,� the hot guy told me.