Hell to Heaven


I see her every day. I don�t really know much about her. She seems put off by me, though. I can�t exactly understand why. I run into and try to find out the answer. I run into her today at the grocery store again. For some reason, I keep finding her here. No, I am not stalking her. I would never do that to a woman. I�m not obsessed with her either. I just want to know more about her.

Anyway, I run into her again. This time, I have a strategy to try and talk to her for once. No, I�m still not stalking her. I just want to at least know her name. I peek up from the fresh fruit section. She�s over at the meat section this time. Meat. That very word makes me tremble. It�s really murder, that�s what it is! Those poor animals deserve to live normal lives just like the humans do. Meat is just disgusting murder!

Oh, she�s starting to walk away. I quickly follow. Again, this isn�t stalking. I just have to know who she is. I followed her all the way out of the store. When we rounded the corner, she disappeared from in front of me. I stopped in my tracks. Okay, where did she go? I paused when someone grabbed me on the shoulder. I slowly glanced behind me. A pair of amber eyes glared at me. I put up my hand in a little wave.

�Hi,� I whispered.

�Why do you keep following me?!� she snapped. Oh, crap! She�s caught me. There�s only one way out of this. I turned around with a big smile on my face.

�I just want to get to know,� I answered. Those amber eyes narrowed their glare at me.

�Why?!� she snapped.

�You�re really pretty,� I confessed. She snorted at me as soon as I told her that. I gave her a funny look.

�What?� I asked.

�You are full of shit,� she said.

�And why is that?� I don�t think I helped out the situation at all with my weird smile. (I don�t know why everyone thinks it�s weird. I end up freaking up everyone with it. It�s probably the reason why I never had a girlfriend in the past. To be honest, I was amazed that I had friends when I was younger back in Tokyo. Never mind that, I�m digressing here. Don�t� mind me.)

She let go of my shoulder, backing up. �You are just creepy. Stay away from me!� She turned to run off. I put up my hand in a vain attempt to stop her.

�Wait!� I called out. �I�m Russell Hunt. What�s your name?� She gave me the finger before turning the corner. I lowered my hand, disappointed. In the end, I still didn�t learn anything about her. At least I got her to talk to me though. That should count for something, right? Am I right? I hope that I am, because otherwise�