Here Comes Your Man

I: Nakamura Shinji:

One of Andy�s top stars. Priced cash-cow in the Stardust Factory. He could be Liam�s twin brother. The girls want Shinji. Who wouldn�t? Short black hair. Deep black-brown eyes that draw people deep inside. Nice muscle on his body. The man is almost always shirtless. The only thing he needs is pants and boxers. He used to be an underwear model. Andy picked him out of a magazine. Like the other stars, Shinji got roped into the Factory. Six years and still looking hot.

The girls want him, but yet they can�t have him. Here is why. The stud Shinji plays for the gay team. That�s right. Yes, yes, yes. Shinji is gayer than gay. He is so gay that it breaks the girls� hearts. Bad for them, but good for Andy. Oh yeah. Andy and Shinji are lovers. Rocking the hot bed every night. And who wouldn�t? Shinji is a hung horse. Enough to keep Andy well satisfied.

But what about Ian? Oh, don�t worry. He and Andy have an understanding. So, jealous is no real issue. And besides, the director has Pandora to lust after through his camera.

II: Hunter Turner:

Hot and Irish. The tween and teen girls love him. He makes them want to grow up quickly. Fiery red hair. He always has a laughing smile. And his accent. Oh his accent! The girls love the way he talks. They could drink it off all day long. Who wouldn�t? They just love the rugged image he has. All the girls love a bad boy.

But alas, he�s taken too. Well, sort of. The lucky lady? Pandora Wolfe herself. It�s kind of complicated, really. She belongs to someone else in reality. But yet, Hunter was the one who took her virginity. Her beau doesn�t know this. So, he thinks that he�ll be her first. This will lead to a mess later on.

But does Hunter care? Hell to the no. He just loves his little English muffin. And she is addicted to him. She just can�t quit that Irish man.

III: Evan Stone:

Hot and Scottish. He is usually behind the camera. But when not working, baby he�s a stud. Like Hunter, the girls want him too. They want him just as much as they want that hot Irish meat of an actor. The girls want them to get together to entertain their deepest yaoi fantasies. But, that�s never going to happen for two reasons.

Reason #1. Hunter and Evan hate each other. Why? Scotland and Ireland fighting reasons? No. Not really. Good looks and money? No. Power and favoritism of Andy Teach? No. Then what is it? Ah, that leads to the other reasons.

Reason #2. Pandora Wolfe. Yes, you read that right. If you have been paying attention over the course of the previous chapters, it is clear where this will all go. Pandora is really Evan�s girl. He is closer to her age and really gets her. But yet, he cannot see that she is playing around on him with his rival, Hunter. If and when he finds out, oh buddy�

But for right now, all seems go in Ireland, England, and Scotland. Everyone hopes�

IV: Ryan Moon:

Stud with the guitar. His notes flirts with many girls. His voice seduces them into bed with him in their dreams. Nice, muscled body with short brown hair. But alas, he is taken. Jenny doesn�t like to share. She would hurt anyone that even thinks about coming close to her husband. He has seen her do it. He and the rest of the band. Jenny beat this obsessive fan for trying to get too close to the rock god himself. As expected, it didn�t end well for all parties. But then again, who can blame her? Jenny loves Ryan and how could anyone not?

V: Liam Ross:

Big shot. Women want to fuck him. Men, let�s be honest, want to fuck him too. He�s happy to get the attention. With the power and body like he has, who wouldn�t. Lately however, Liam wants a little more than the party life now. He is looking for a mate. Not a playmate, but a soul mate. He didn�t even have to look hard to find her. His ideal lover? Why none other than the Jemima Murdock. Yet, how does she feel about him? Hm� Tricky question to answer. Her mouth says no, but her heart and eyes say yes. Liam knows the deal already.

She�s trying to resist him, but how long is that going to last?

VI: Andy Teach:

And finally, here is the puppet master. Andy holds all the strings to the stars. They know it and he knows it. But, they don�t turn away. Instead, his dolls all run closer to him. Everyone he meets eats deep into his words, charm, and work. Once it latches on, it never lets go and they are stuck with him.

Not that they are complaining. No, no, no. They drink it up until he is finished with them all. That�s just how it goes in the Stardust Factory.

VII: Beautiful Men:

Feast your eyes upon these yummy guys. You can look, but you can�t touch. Everyone wants then, but they just can�t have them.

Black Lust