Send in the Queens

I: I am a Bitch!:

Andy decided to toss the dice again. But how to spice it all up? He went back to the LGBT model. Let�s see now. He had lesbians in the Factory. He definitely filled the rooms with gays. Bisexual ruled the Factory. Hm, he�s only one letter short. Time to fix that. Luckily the man already had the plan.

Enter Ms. Candy Floss all the way from Queens, New York. Need to know the meaning of the word �bitch?� Look no further poppets. This lady is more than happy to service you. (In more ways than one. Say no more Say no more.) She�s not the only one, far from it! Why stop at one queen. One is a bitch. Two are a cat fight. Three or more? Well you�ve got a riot on your hands. But, no need to rush it. Stick to Candy for the time being and then work up to more. All set? Really now?


II: Master/Mistress:

Where to start about Ms. Candy Floss?

Well, she used to be a guy named Quinn Anthony Lokole. Like most drag queens, he felt more like a woman than a man. When puberty came across, he began to dress the part. Sure, he was picked on in school, but what did he care?

�I�m just fabulous, bitch!� Candy Floss would come to brag later. He loved to screw with the minds of all of his bullies. The future drag queen ate up the attention like sausage. He basked in it every chance he could grab. The man people looked at up, the more Anthony perfected his charm. Pretty soon, the name �Anthony� didn�t fit him. By age eighteen, he was reborn as Candy Floss. Now, for a job.

She worked different odd jobs to try and live the high life. Candy earned and burned money in a span of a day. She spent it on clothes, make-up, shoes, womanly enhancements, and fine food and parties. Money. If it was a lover, she would be fucking it every second of the week.

Now, how did she live so high in New York for four years? Taking favors, sugar daddies, and feminine wits. Candy Floss won the men over all too easily. It all became an easy game to her. Too easy. He/she soon grew bored of the game. Bored of this city.

I want something better, she thought at another club with her last sugar daddy.

Enter Andy Teach�

III: Andy�s Little Bitch:

Andy needs new blood again. But where to go for it? America called his name once more. On Friday morning he took the plane to New York. Ah, see New York. His second playground to him. Every club and bar knows his name. His charm and fame followed him with every trip to different countries. Tonight needed to be special. This was his thirtieth trip to New York. Time to celebrate!

The Jubilee was the first club that Andy ever went to in New York. Bisexual flocked to this place for a good time. He came to the pink-tinted door at ten o�clock in the night at eastern time. He could smell the strong perfume from the outside. He smirked to himself.

Just like it was six years ago, he thought. The director charmed his way through the doors and lines. The outside may have looked the same, but the inside had doubled on the inside over the years. This place had doubled, no, tripled! Bright lights spiraled all the way up to the sky. The music pounded the dancers to the floor. Andy felt like a king looking around for a good friend in the Jubilee. He walked over to the bar tender. She sprang to life at the first sight of the director.

�Andy!� she cheered. �How have you been?� He sat down at the bar before her.

�Good,� he said. �You know where High Roller is tonight?� The pink-haired bar tender played with her pigtails as she giggled.

�In the Chocolate Fountain Lounge,� she said. �But you�ll have to knock.� Andy raised an eyebrow at him.

�Why is that?� he asked. The bar tender giggled again as she leaned in close.

�He�s got a date tonight,� she whispered.

�A date?� he asked.

�Uh-huh!� she said. Andy smirked at her.

�Interesting,� he said. Then, he headed upstairs to the Chocolate Fountain Lounge. The sound-proof walls blocked out the groans and the music as the director kept moving step by step. Down the curved pink hall to the last door on the right. Andy put his hand to the door. The pounding filled his head with light sensations. He licked his lips. Oh yes, this was a hot date tonight! He gave the door a huge smack.

�What?� a voice asked inside. Andy smiled as he opened the door. High Roller and Candy Floss sat on the couch, making out. They looked up and saw Andy. The director grinned.

�Hey,� he said. The pair quickly sat up. Andy looked at them both.

�Well, well,� he said. �This is an interesting turn out.�

IV: Wigs and Glitter:

2:00 a.m.

Andy, Candy Floss, and High Roller all sat in McDonalds over coffee and cigarettes. Candy Floss�s nails looked all glittered in the pale lights. She lit up and took a puff. Andy watched her with a little smirk.

�So, tell me about yourself,� he said. Candy Floss gave him a little shrug.

�What�s there to know?� she asked.

�What�s your story?�

�Do I have to have one?�

�Well yeah.�


�Makes a person more interesting to me.�

She sat back in her chair. �Try me. Guess my story.�

Andy smiled at the challenge. �Okay. You want to best things in life. You�re also not afraid to twist a few arms to get what you want. You�re parents weren�t impressed with how you turned out and wanted you to live a boring life. But, that�s not for you, is it? So you joined the party and worked to establish yourself in the glamorous world of New York. However, you�re now bored and want something new.� He took a drink of coffee.

�How am I?�

Candy�s thickly painted red lips curved into a smile. She snubbed out her cigarette and leaned in close to his face. �Take me away from here and I�ll tell you.�

Andy smiled at her. Looks like a done deal.

V: I�m the Pretty One!:

Real divas hate competition. Candy follows this rule down to a tee. The Stardust Factory had fresh crops of bitches all around. Ripe and overflowing. Candy Floss naturally did not enjoy this. In fact, she came to hate all of the girls there. Only five of them really sent her over and above into rage.

Number Five: Savannah

Number Four: Jamaica

Number Three: Jenny Cooper-Moon

Number Two: Emily Bellman

Number One: Pandora Wolf

Now why does she hate these ladies so much? Oh, no real reason. She just wants to be the prettiest the girl in the whole Stardust Factory. So, what to do? What to do? What else? Bring out the claws and start swinging at every bitch in her path!

VI: You Will Respect Me!:

*Candy�s View on the Top Five in Six Words*


Spoiled, useless, stupid, lazy, snotty, chatty.


Loud, useless, spoiled, lazy, snotty, chatty.

Jenny-Cooper Moon:

Loud, crazy, undisciplined, drunk, crass, high.

Emily Bellman:

Spoiled, snotty, undisciplined, rude, high, pretty.

Pandora Wolf:

Innocent, shy, sweet, apologetic, hopeful, pretty.

Looking at this list, let�s face it: it�s all about jealousy of pretty looks and power.

VII: Spoiled Diva:

Andy spoils Candy Floss just like the rest of the girls in the Stardust Factory. He can�t help it. Old habits die hard, you know? No, this wasn�t an old habit. Addiction was a better fit for the way he acted around his stars. He always showers them with things that they ask for. Money, clothes, jewels, art supplies, trips, recording equipment, shoes, make-up, they ask for it, they get it.

Candy Floss is his newest addition. Bust out the wallet and pay up. His drag queen bitch takes it in with a red lipstick grin up to her ears. Too bad she is just one of many. Of course, she does not want that. Like Ophelia, Candy wants to be the only one. Maybe that�s why the two divas get along like two close sisters.

Almost to the point that it scares even the sanest person on the planet.

VIII: Queens, Bitches, and Divas:

Divas are entertaining, aren�t they? Candy Floss is just the shock to the heart of the Stardust Factory that Andy solely desired. Shake up the dice, spin the bottle, throw the paper in the air. The real party is banging at the door, my little bitches.

Black Heels