House of Angels


I hate this house sometimes. There is nothing but girls here, nothing but selfish, loud, and crazy here. I hate having to look over my roommates. They are all grown angels for Pete sake! I should be able to look after myself. Why do I have to play the mother in this situation? I�m getting too old for this shit! Yeah, I said it and I don�t care what you think about how I should talk as angel!

They are all so annoying! Each one is bad in their own way!

Himeko constantly brings her boyfriends by the apartment to fuck them in her room. It all drives us insane. It got to the point that I had to tell her to do that at a hotel. �Fuck you,� she told me back. I wanted to smack her so badly when she told me that.

Yoshiko lacks self-control. She doesn�t know how to stop. She�ll eat too much, over drink, fight, and sleep around with many men. I don�t know how to rein her in. The harder she tries to control herself, the worse it gets. In the end, she just gave up.

Liz is too violent for my taste. She likes guns, too much. I can�t remember barging into her room, shouting at her to turn down her music. Liz always flips me off and turns her music back up. She and always verbal clash with cuss words, leaving me with a big headache.

Izumi�s in a cheating relationship. For the record, I don�t care about her sexuality. The problem is she�s sleeping with a taken woman. Izumi knows this and she doesn�t care. I�m sorry, but I am not fond of cheaters. I keep meaning to talk to her about how she�s playing a dangerous game here.

Finally, there�s Baby Doll. She�s the youngest member to our apartment. Her behavior isn�t a problem so far, but she�s too tied up with whoever murdered her two years ago. This is fine, but I don�t like that she�s enlisted some outside help in this case. Doesn�t she know that connecting with humans can lead to unnecessary ties to the living realm? What if she gets attached to that kid? Not good, not good at all.

Grrr! I�ve already got a stalker on my hands! I don�t need to be baby-sitting too! Now, I get the feelings things are going to get even messier with more ties gravitating towards us. I buried my head in my hands on my bed. God damn it!