Tokyo Story II

Baby Doll looked around the bus stop. �So this is Tokyo?� she asked. �It still manages to surprise me every time I come back here.�

�Yep,� Masayuki replied. The angel looked over at him.

�So you used to live here?� she asked.

�Yeah,� he answered.

�So why did you leave?� the angel asked. Masayuki looked away rather sheepishly.

�I don�t want to talk about it,� he admitted. Baby Doll raised an eyebrow at him.

�Oh?� she asked. Masayuki tried to keep his brave face.

�Can you just drop it?� he asked. �I don�t want to talk about it.�

�And why not?� Baby Doll pushed.

�Just drop it!� he snapped. The angel put up her hands to calm him down.

�Okay, okay,� she said. �Let�s just go.�

�Thank you,� Masayuki said. Both headed down the street. He turned his head to face her.

�So, what all are we doing again?� he asked.

�To the library first and then the police station,� Baby Doll answered.

�Library and police station,� Masayuki repeated back. �Got you.� Another thought crossed his head. �You know something,� he said.

�What?� she asked. He fought back a chuckle as he looked up and down at her uniform. Baby Doll narrowed her eyes at him.

�What?� she asked again. Masayuki gave her a little shrug.

�You and I look like we could be boyfriend and girlfriend,� he said outright. The boy tried to reach around and take hold of her waist. Baby Doll slapped him on the arm as fast as she could.

�Don�t touch me, you idiot!� she shouted. Masayuki drew back his arm, smiling in pain.

�I was just kidding!� he said aloud. Baby Doll snorted as she faced forward.

�You are such a creepy bastard,� she said with gritted teeth.

�It was a joke,� he repeated.

�Don�t talk to me for the rest of this trip,� the angel hissed at him.

�Fine,� Masayuki said. �I�m sorry I upset you, princess.� She walked ahead of him. Masayuki frowned, shaking his head. Can�t she take a joke? He jogged to catch up with her as they rounded the corner. Silence carried on until they reached the public library after Baby Doll read the directions. He walked up and opened the glass door.

�After you, princess,� Masayuki said. Baby Doll stuck out her tongue and walked by him. Still bitter about earlier, I see, the boy thought before he followed her into the building. She really needs a sense humor. The glass door swung shut behind him.