I�m in Hell


Hello again. You�ve met most of us and now here is the story.

Last time, I got in contact with Max and Lisa. For some reason, I�ve been talking to both more often lately. In fact, I�m meeting with Lisa today. She was the one who set up the date. At first, I didn�t know what to think.

�You sure about this?� I text her.

�Sure, unless you�re busy,� she wrote back.

�No, not at all,� I wrote to her. I sent her another message saying, �What time?�

�Whenever you like,� she wrote back.

�And when would that be?�


I frowned at the screen before me. I hate when people do this. �Fine, how does noon sound?�

�Okay, I�ll see you at the bar.�

I read over the message again. Right� I glanced over at Julie and Kele. They probably won�t even notice when I leave.


I came down to the local bar at about noon. I looked at my cell phone. Okay, it�s about to be ten minutes after and she�s still not here. I think she did this when we were kids as well.

�Hey!� I heard someone shouting. I looked up to see Lisa running towards me. Despite her telling me that she had slimmed down, she still looked chubby in her thighs and arms. Lisa came within inches of me before she stopped to catch her breath. I followed my arms across my chest.

�You�re late,� I told her. Lisa gave me a goofy smile before waving me off.

�My bad,� she said. I tried my best to keep a straight face with her. Somehow, I think I�m starting to remember her now.

�Did you have a stuffed bear named Buzz?� I asked in the bar. Lisa looked up at me like I asked her a dumb question.

�Of course!� she said aloud. �I still do!�

�How�s Max?� I asked.

�Good,� Lisa replied. �How are Kele and Julie?�

�Good,� I said, nodding. �They are good.� Then, another question crossed my mind. �I don�t understand.� Lisa�s drink slid towards her.

�Don�t understand what?� she asked.

�Why is Max contacting us after all of this time?� I asked. Lisa sat back, thinking about that.

�You know, he didn�t tell me why either,� she said. I gave her a strange look.

�He didn�t?� I asked. Lisa shook her head.

�Hm,� I said. I looked at the last text message Max sent me. �I�m still looking for everyone else.� I keep meaning to ask him why. Something else always gets in the way, you know? That�s a lame excuse, but it�s the truth.

�It�s strange,� Lisa spoke up. I turned my head towards her.

�Hm?� I asked.

�Us sitting here, talking like this after so long,� she added.

�Oh!� I said once I got what she was saying. �It is.�

�So what happens now?�

I shrugged my shoulders and shook my head. What are you thinking, Maxxie? Why now?

�Maybe he�ll tell us himself soon,� Lisa suggested. I only shrugged and shook my head.

�I really can�t speak for him,� I told her. I ended up paying both of our tabs afterwards.