Make a Move, Man


Usually, I am not one to complain, but I just have to say this. Please bear with me here.

Two years came to this? I�m the only one really doing any work around here! My boyfriend and best friend pretty much do jack shit. They have no ambition. I am the adult at work and at home. I cook for them, I clean up after them, I pay the bills, and everything else in between. I lowered my head, gritting my teeth. I can�t take this shit anymore!

I am so sorry to put you all through this. Please bear with me.

Ben acts like a little useless child. All he does is sit on his computer and play Facebook games all day. He barely comes to the dining room to share a meal with me. I can�t even get him to hold a full conversation with me. He�s only half-listening as he stares at his stupid laptop screen. He�s just as bad at work too. If he put half as much energy into his job at IT as he did with his games, he would be in a high position now. But, no! My boyfriend decides that he�s just going pretty much be a lazy bum for the rest of his life and sponge off of me.

Kele�s no better either.

Though I admit he�s more level than Ben, he too is a bum. He�s a homebody as well. Kele stays in his room and plays his guitar and writes songs. Sometimes, he plays video games with Ben in our room. Neither one really takes their jobs seriously. At this rate, we�ll be stuck in that awful basement in our company doing IT work forever. (I don�t even know what I�m doing and I�m the manager there. That�s a whole nother issue, however.)

I lowered my head to the table and groaned. Why do I even bother? Something�s got to change around here. I�m not going to be doing this crap anymore. That�s it; starting tomorrow I�m putting my foot down. I�m not going to take this! I�m tired and I just want something nice for myself. Is that too much to ask for?

I sat back in the chair looked up at the ceiling. But� How the hell do I go about doing that? They never really listen to me at all and I�m expected to change things around here? If only there was some way too�

I looked up when I heard the front door open. �Oh, I didn�t expect you to come by yet,� I said.