The Indigo Kids Tour Pt. III

    Interview with Jenny as She Gets Dressed for the Next Show:

    Reporter: So what is every show like?

    *Jenny picks out a black leather corset*

    Jenny: Getting high. An orgy. Things like that.

    Reporter: How so?

    *Jenny laces up*

    Jenny: The rush. The adrenaline. The pumping. It's like... getting off on LSD.

    Reporter: Is it always like this?

    *Jenny slides on a puffy black and red skirt*

    Jenny: Yeah, man! All the way!

    Reporter: So, what do you do to cool down again?

    *Jenny slides on her fishnet stockings one leg at a time*

    Jenny: Simple, I dance.

    Reporter: You dance?

    Jenny: That's right. *Puts a joint in her mouth and lights up*

    Reporter: Show me.

    *Jenny grins at the camera*

    Jenny: Gladly.

    *Jenny picks up the remote and turns on her stereo. Enigma's "Return to Innocence" fills the room. Jenny just gets lost in the music as she dances to the loud, pounding beat. The disco-like lights dance all over her pale curved body as she moves with her eyes closed*