Jenny's Silk

Jenny lay back on her hotel bed with the curtains wide open. She drew up her lacy black skirt.

"Oh, baby," she said. "Oh! Oh!" The camera pulled in closer. She looked up with a horny smile.

"There you are," she said. "Come closer. Closer. Closer." The camera pulled in close to her face.

"Back up a bit," she said. The camera pulled back a little bit.

"Perfect," Jenny said. She arched her back upwards. "You want to hear something?" The singer curved her lips into a smile.

"I just love to..." I say. "I just love to... Ooo!" Her fingers slipped down between her legs. "Yes. I just to touch myself." Jenny moved aside the crouch of her panties. "Go on, get a look," she said. "Come on, take a look." The camera pulled it in closer. "You want to stroke it, don't you? Don't you?" Heaving breathing comes from the camera.

"Oh! Oh! Oh!" She comes at her fingertips. "Yes! Whew! Oh god!"

"Are you done?" a voice asked. Jenny lifted her head to see Ophelia watching her, shaking her head. The singer smirked at her.

"Want in?" she asked. The model wrinkles her nose and snorts.

"Eww, no!" she shouted. Jenny grinned as Ophelia turned and stormed off.