Lounge Time with Pandora Pt. 1

Cameraman: Please state your name

Pandora: Pandora Wolfe.

Cameraman: What do you do?

Pandora: Fashion designer.

Cameraman: What's your best work?

Pandora: *Grins at the camera* Take a look. *Shows off her green and orange glitter platform heels*

Cameraman: Nice.

Pandora: Thank you! *Lowers her foot*

Cameraman: Where are you from?

Pandora: England.

Cameraman: I like your accent.

Pandora: Thanks.

Cameraman: You are really cute too.

Pandora: *Blushes* Uh... thanks...

Cameraman: Do you have a boyfriend?

Pandora: *Lowers her head* Kind of...

Cameraman: What do you mean, kind of?

Pandora: I don't want to talk about it, okay?

Cameraman: Okay, okay. We'll come back to that one later, okay?

Pandora: Thank you.