Kele to Lisa


I ran into a ghost from the past this morning. It happened while I was on my way to work. It all started with a phone call. My phone buzzed on the kitchen counter as I was heading out the door.

�Hello?� I asked when I answered it.

�Is this Kele?� a woman�s voice asked on the other line. I froze in my tracks. I literally wasn�t moving anymore. This voice sounded familiar to me.

�Yes, who is calling me?� I asked.

�Kele, this is Lisa,� the woman said. I blinked, not getting the connection.

�I don�t know a Lisa�� I said.

�Lisa Paige?� she asked.

�No�� I said, narrowing my eyes.

�Do remember the �92 grade school fire in Tokyo?� this woman asked.

�Yes,� I replied.

�Do you remember a girl with cut brown bangs, round face, and black-framed glasses?� she asked. I smiled as that image came into my mind.

�Yeah, I guess,� I said, �What about her?�

�That was me,� the woman answered. I backed up to the door shocked.

�You�re that Lisa?!?� I asked.

�Yes!� she shouted in the phone.

�Oh crap!� I yelped as I tried to get back together. Suddenly, a thought crossed my mind. �But why are you calling me after so long? How did you get my number?� I asked.

�Julie gave it me,� Lisa said. I went stiff at those words.

�What? Why?� I asked.

�It all started with Maxxie,� she began.

�Wait, Maxxie�s in Suiten too?� I asked as I struggled to find the door.

�So is Kris, Gordy, and Russell,� Lisa said in a serious tone. I sank down to the floor with big eyes. The Tokyo �87 crew all migrated down here in Suiten and we didn�t even know it? This just felt rather surreal and though I didn�t know it at the time, it would get even more so as we all migrated back together into our little group.

�How long have you been in Suiten?� I asked.

�Since my junior year of high school,� Lisa told me, �You?�

�I moved here during high school; met up with Ben and Julie at the same school,� I said, �Which school did you go to?� She was about to answer when I happened to look up at the clock on the microwave above the stove.

�Oh crap,� I mumbled.

�What�s the matter?� Lisa asked.

�I�m going to be late for work!� I exclaimed.

�You have a job now too?� she asked.

�IT tech,� I said, �Look, I�ll talk to you later, okay?�

�Fine,� Lisa replied, �Talk to you later.�

�Bye,� I said.

�Bye,� she said back. After we hung up, I hurried out the door for what I thought was going to be another boring, slow day at work.