Sweet Dream Land

Dateline: Sopphina went to a psychoanalyst.

    “O-Yasumi-Nasai Kohana.” Megan called from downstairs. “O-Yasumi-Nasai mommy.” Kohana called back. “O-Yasumi-Nasai Mitch.” the little princess said to her uncle. “Night.” said he. Once the lights (except for Kohana’s nightlight) were out, Kohana went to sleep.

(Dream begins:)

    Kohana awoke in a field of cotton candy. She looked around in amazement. The land was pink and sparkly. Kohana was looking around until she heard the sound of a train in the distance. She looked and saw a golden miniature train coming towards her. It stopped in front of her and she climbed on. The train carried her into the city.

    The city was pink and gleaming like the fields. The buildings were made of candy. The streets were covered in cherry blossoms. Kohana was amazed. Then she heard a growling sound. Kohana looked around in confusion. Suddenly it hit her! She was hungry and her stomach was rumbling! So she decided to get something to eat.

    There was so much candy that Kohana didn’t know where to start. She finally picked out a car made out of botan rice candy with Reese’s peanut cup wheels to eat. When she had consumed the whole car, Kohana looked up and saw a light blue pixie. The little princess was spellbound. Then the pixie flew away. Kohana chased after it.

    Kohana followed it to a palace made of opals and tiger’s eyes. Kohana was lost in amazement. “Come on.” a voice whispered to her. Kohana looked and saw a little girl dressed in white. The girl beckoned Kohana over to her. Kohana came happily. Once they made it inside, the girl, Kohana, and the pixies had a party.

(Dream Ends:)

    Kohana slept happily until morning.

The End