Lobby Girl

    Jenny waits around the plaza for some of the crew to arrive. She turns to one of the cameramen filming her.

    "When's everyone else getting here?" she asks.

    "In a few hours," he answers. Jenny frowns at his answer.

    "A few hours?" she asks.

    "Afraid so," he says. Jenny lowers her head on the table.

    "Damn it," she mutters. She keeps her head down for a long moment before an idea forms in her head. Jenny lifts her head and turns to the camera.

    "Hang on," she says. Jenny turns to another camera filming her. "You, come with me!" she orders.

    "Me?" the cameraman asks.

    "Yes!" Jenny says aloud, "Come with me now." The actress reaches into her jeans pocket and pulls out her earbuds. She puts them in her ears and hits play on her iPod in the same pocket. It takes seconds, but Jenny starts to dance to loud pounding music in her ears. She dances her way to the glass hotel doors. Jenny turns and motions the camera to follow her. The cameraman follows her inside as keeps dancing. Jenny jumps up and down at one point. The cameraman turns to the audience staring at her. They all give her head tilts and weird stares. The cameraman turns back to Jenny still dancing and jumping in the lobby. One of the managers tries to stop her, but she dances with him. The poor man looks around for help as he tries to figure out how to stop this madness unfolding before him.

    "Yeah baby!" she screams at the top of her lungs. Jenny then starts to dance downwards on the poor man. No one moves to help, but they sure keep staring. Jenny dances all the way down the hall with the helpless manager back to her room. When she signals the cameraman to follow, he hurries to the elevator before it closes and gets inside.

    "Push the button, will ya?" Jenny shouts over her music. The cameraman pushes the open button and all three-- Jenny, the poor manager, and himself-- go riding up back to Jenny's room with her wild dancing.