The Long, Hard Road

Dateline: Cameron and Mitch decided to find these missing kids and they find them in the dark city.

    I looked back and noticed Cameron looking sad. “What’s wrong?” I asked her. She looked up at me and said: “Nothing.” “All right.” I said. Then we walked on. But as we walked on, I kept noticing how said Cameron was getting. Then one day, she refused to go a step further. I was surprised. “Why?” I asked. “There’s no point!” she yelled. Then she knelt down onto the ground. I was completely confused by this. So I sat down and tried to figure this all out.

    What do you mean be there’s no point?” I asked Cameron. “There’s no point of going on!” she yelled. I was silent. “There’s no point of going on if there’s no grantee of ever seeing home again!” she yelled. That thought just hit me. What if I never saw Megan or Sopphina again? But it also hit me that we’ll get home; we just needed the hope. “We’ll get home!” I said as last. “No we won’t!” she yelled.
    It took loads of patience and comfort to bring Cameron to her senses. Then one morning, I awoke to see Cameron standing over me. She was smiling. “Have you changed your mind?” I asked. She nodded. “I thought about what you said.” Cameron answered. “All I just need is hope.” I just smiled. “Great.” I said. Then I rose to my feet and we continued on to the next city.
To Be Continued….