Lucy and Molly

I: Lucy:

Lucy�s real name is LSD. She was the queen of the 60�s. A select few artists mate with her. The stars at the Star Dust Factory are all the same. Who uses her here? Andy is the start. That�s how he does his art and films. He loves the psychedelic quality. That�s why the free spirits adore him. But, Andy�s just the tippy-top of Lucy�s lovers. She has other boyfriends here. There�s even a girlfriend. Or two. Maybe three. Never four.

Ian also sleeps with Lucy. How else does he have the energy to keep chasing Pandora around with his camera. Ian and Andy have threesomes with Lucy from time to time. Another common bond they share. There were three things that kept them together: sex, art, and Lucy herself. They still aren�t the only ones.

Lucy also has female lovers. She was bisexual like that. Who are the �lucky� ladies? Jenny is the main one. Next is Toshiko. Allison follows behind. Ophelia sleeps with Lucy too. Mo Billie just started a relationship with her. Heck, even Violet is courting Lucy.

But still, Lucy�s not the only one in the Factory.

II: Molly:

Molly�s real name is ecstasy. She is a party girl. Molly has a taste for young lovers. That doesn�t stop older ones from sleeping with her. The stars sleep with her constantly. Andy is Molly�s favorite lover next to Lucy. Molly helps him keep working. But, she�s not really his type of drug. No, that�s more for the party animals themselves.

Jenny sleeps with Molly. Sleeps with her heavily and constantly. How else would she be nicer? Ryan likes it when his wife fucks Molly. He even got in on the act had a threesome with them both. The rest of the band gets in on the play as well. Yet still, Molly has other lovers.

Toshiko usually went for the penis. But, Molly is an exception for a special reason. Mainly because Molly wasn�t a woman. Molly was just Molly. Toshiko usually didn�t enjoy sharing her lovers. Molly was different. Toshiko thought about sharing with Saji. Maybe it�s too early for that, she thought in end. So, the punk actress kept Molly to herself.

Molly still had other lovers. Ophelia loved her next to Andy and Lucy in that order. Emily is also discovering Molly herself. Evan has been experimenting with Molly as well. Hunter slept with her too. Safe to say that Molly was a slut, just like Lucy.

Still, Molly is not the only one.

III: Mary Jane:

Mary Jane�s real name is Marijuana. She is common among the world. Mary Jane is both loved and hated. Many want to make her legal for all to the public. Mary Jane even has a healing hand at times. She too is really loved among the Factory. Who sleeps with her? Almost everyone in the Stardust Factory. Ian and Evan slept with Mary Jane slept after every film session. Helped break stress that way. Filming took up many creativity and brain work. And what way to celebrate than a good shag with Mary Jane? She brings happiness to all.

Mary Jane is also a slut. Who else slept with her? Hunter is for one. Molly was for special occasions. Mary Jane was an everyday lover. This was of course next to Pandora and Molly. Along with cigarettes too. Let�s be real here: Hunter was a man-whore with all of the ladies�human or not. Liam knew this because her slept with Mary Jane as well.

Mary Jane was not only a woman of Neo Tokyo. Conrad and his aunt, Cecelia, make huge money off it. College students come to them for Mary Jane. They are constantly making money. Pretty soon, they can move to a better house one day. But yet, Conrad feels guilty. He doesn�t really want anything to do with Mary Jane. Pimping her out puts him in an uncomfortable position with his friends. What would Simon and Kei think about him when they thought about his relationship with Mary Jane? That would ruin everything. But yet, Conrad just can�t quit her. His aunt won�t let him do it. He�s just stuck.

Still, there are others besides Mary Jane herself.

IV: Kay:

Kay�s real name is Ketamine. She is really rare. Very few stars in the Factory sleep with her. Liam does. When he is bored with Mary Jane, he shags Kay with his other underground films buddies. These moments occur during parties. Liam is careful, however. He doesn�t overindulge in her. He wants to live for the next party. Kay has already killed two of his pals with pleasure. Liam can�t quite quit her. Jemima wants him to Kay for good. But, it�s not that easy. Liam just can�t settle down with one woman. It just doesn�t work that way.

Two members of the Indigo Kids also love Kay. They sleep with her when they aren�t in the studio. Jenny has thought about sleeping with Kay, but Ryan doesn�t want to do it. But, his wife keeps talking to the band members about it.

�What�s it like?� she asked.

�Great,� Kyle said.

�The best,� Johnny answered.

Jenny watched them closely. �Can I have a hit?�

Both men stared at her. �What?!?�

She shrugged at them. �Why not?�

�Uh� because of Ryan?�

�I just want a hit. Pleaseee?�

The men sat on, thinking. Johnny finally headed her the mirror. The singer smiled at him.

�Thank you,� she said in a sing-songy voice. That�s how she first slept with Kay.

Still there is another gal in the Factory.

V: Girl:

Girl�s real name is cocaine. A selection of the rich sleep with her. People make it rain with rain just to sleep with her. Rich or poor, they just have to have Girl in their beds or nothing. She makes people feel sexy, confident, and powerful. So much so they don�t see their own ruin in the long run. The stars of the Factory are no different. Andy sleeps with Girl as much as he does with Lucy and Molly. Ian is not brave his lover to take it. He is not the only one. Most of the stars sleep with Girl�and love it. She is just that loved.

Girl is dangerous, destructive, and cruel. So why do people love her so much? The glamour and peril that dance around her. She is a femme fatal to anyone that crosses her path. Many are trying to bring Girl down. Good luck with that one, cops! Girl is not closing her legs that easily! Everyone just wants to sleep with her. She is like the popular, slutty cheerleader in high school who everyone wants to sleep with. It�ll lead to no good, but everyone still wants a piece of her.

VI: Come Back Down:

These girls may give us a good time, but the party has to end sometime. That�s the time that everyone tries to come down and clean up. That period is such a bitch. But, not to worry: the lovers will come back to sleep with these girls again. They always do.

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