Lunch Deal


In order to help Baby Doll out, I needed a little help. That�s where Michiro becomes rather useful. I had to talk him into it a little bit.

�Why do you want to access police files from two years ago?� he asked over lunch. I gave him a crafty smile.

�There�s this girl who�s asking me to help solve a murder,� I said. Michiro frowned at me.

�What?� I asked.

�You�re doing this to impress a girl?� he asked.

�No,� I lied. He narrowed his eyes at me still. I shrugged at him.

�Maybe,� I said. �But, it�s not like that.� I leaned in close to him. �I�m just kind of curious about her, you know?� Michiro didn�t even blink.

�What exactly do you need in the police files?� he asked. I sat back, smiling.

�Just the Nikishi case two years ago,� I replied. His face drew a huge blank.

�That case?� he asked. �But it�s still not cold. Why would you want something like that?�

�Would you believe me if I said that the girl is one of the murder victims in the case?� I asked. Michiro gave me a strange look.

�How?� he asked. I threw up my hands at him.

�She claims that she can�t rest in peace until she gives her grandmother the answers that she needs,� I said.

�You don�t really believe her, do you?� he asked.

�I haven�t decided yet,� I replied. �But I�ve decided to try and find out anyway. So, I�m going to help her find her killers so that I can find my own answers.�

�But you can do that if you don�t have the police records on the case?� Michiro finished. I nodded at him with big eyes.

�Please?� I asked. He sighed and rolled his eyes.

�Fine, I�ll see what I can do,� my good friend said. I smiled and hugged him wildly across the table.

�Thanks, man!� I said aloud. I didn�t even mind him groaning at me.