Chapter Four: Mad Kingdom:

Nobu sat in the dark alone. He breathed like a wild animal. The voice in his head wouldn’t stop.

Kill! Kill! Kill! Kill!

He’s hasn’t been normal in months. His wife’s death made it worse.


She did this to him. Well, the Mother mostly, but Anna had a hand in it. Nobu shuddered and breathed hard. That bitch! Kill! Kill! Kill her! Kill her!

Yes, Anna had to die. She caused the family’s pain. Shichiro, Amara, and Sharon were dead. Victoria hated him. The clan was getting weak. The Mother came back.

Nobu gritted his teeth. It was Anna’s fault. She ruined everything. His fists trembled.

She has to die!

Even his kitsune started to worry. He couldn’t reach his master anymore. Right now, Yayoi stared at the older man. Seeing him like this was creepy. Aki and Shiroko told him to let him go.

“The clan’s going to die anyway,” Aki told him. “It’s only a matter of time before we die. It’s what the Mother wants.” But, Yayoi refused to believe this.

Tonight, he sat in his master’s lap.

“Nobu-san, what’s wrong with you?” he asked. His voice doesn’t reach him. The kitsune curled up into his lap.

“Talk to me. I want to help you.” To his surprise, Nobu patted him on the head.

“Master?” Yayoi asked. Nobu stared him in the eye.

“Anna-tan ruined everything,” he said. “She ruined my family.”

“Yes, she did,” the kitsune said.

“She has to die.”

“I know.”

Nobu turned his face to his. “Will you help me? Help me kill her?”

Yayoi stared at him with big eyes. “But… Mother…”

Nobu grabbed his face. “Help me kill that bitch!”

The kitsune lowered his eyes. “Alright.”

His master looked up at the ceiling and breathed in. “Thank you!” He broke into soft laughter. Despite adding to the insanity of his master, Yayoi wanted to follow his master to the end. He lay his head on the master’s lap and closed his eyes.


Victoria hurried out on the dark streets. Her hate for her father grew worse. She practically took care of the house. Nobu stayed locked in his room all day. He wouldn’t eat or sleep. She couldn’t take his insanity anymore. Right now, Victoria didn’t know where to go. All she knew was that she had to get away. As the teenager walked, Victoria started plotting. The best bet was to find the Mother. Victoria smirked.

“Yes,” she said. “They will get me out of this dump.” Victoria headed to the train station.