Chapter Thirty-Eight: Man Problems:

-March 15th, 2011--

Ten Days Earlier…

Takashi paced around in the lobby. He needed help, again. The angel bit his lower lip. The earthquake and tsunami made things worse. His master’s comments stung. Charlotte wanted her crush to do something.

“Please talk to him,” she pleaded. “He drives me crazy with the way he glares at me.”

“Alright,” Takashi promised her. But he had no clue how to fix this.

He lifted his head when heard footsteps.

“Hello?” the angel asked.

“It’s only me,” Kyosuke said.

“Ah,” Takashi said. Kyosuke tilted his head.

“What are you doing here?” he asked. “Where’s Charlotte-san?”

“In a shelter,” Takashi said.

“Is she okay?”

“Yes, of course.”

“So… What did you come here for?”

The angel rubbed the back of his head. “Well… Uh… I need someone to talk to.”

“Okay, what’s the problem?”

“Can we sit down first?”

“Oh sure.”

“Thank you.” Both men sat in down in the lobby. Takashi waited until Kyosuke was settled. It took a minute to form his words.

“You see,” he began. “I have a little problem.”

“With Charlotte?” Kyosuke asked.

“Sort of.” The angel sighed. “She and my master don’t get along.”

“Your master?”

“Yes. He… isn’t too fond of her.”

“Why is that?”

Takashi shrugged. “I don’t get it myself.”

“What exactly is the problem?”

“I’m stuck.” Takashi leaned his head back. “Both want to get rid of the other one. I don’t want to do that.”

“Can I ask you something?” Kyosuke asked.

“What?” Takashi asked.

“How do you feel about Charlotte-san?”

The angel rubbed the back of his head. “I can’t explain it. She’s nice. We are starting to understand each other. And the relations…” Takashi began to blush.


Kyosuke tilted his head. “So… are you two dating?”

Takashi had a perplexed look on his face. “Dating?”

The shinigami sighed. “I guess not.”


Kyosuke shook his head. “Never much that. Do you love Charlotte-san?”


“Yes. Do you love Charlotte-san?”

Takashi thought about this for a second. “I’m not sure.”

“Are you happy to be around Charlotte-san?”


“Do you make each other laugh?”


“Can you see her in your future?”


Kyosuke sat back, smiling. “Well then, you have your answer.”


Kyosuke smiled and patted them on the head. The angel had his mouth agape.

“But what should I do?” he asked.

“You’ll know, I think,” the shinigami said. The angel tilted his head.

“Huh?!” Takashi asked.