Max to Ben

Live from Koko Boarding House:

Ben turned on his laptop and got online. He logged onto Skype. Right away, he noticed a chat invite. Hm? Who is it now? He clicked on the box. The young man raised an eyebrow at the name.

Who is QuickSilver? Usually, he would hit �decline,� close the box, and that was end of it. But, this name was different. For one, Ben had seen it somewhere else before. But I can�t remember where. He dug through his brain to find the source. As he did so, the young man clicked �accept.� A new chat window popped up on the spot.

QuickSilver: Ben! It�s been so long. How have you been?


Okay� I stared at the message and began to type.

Wired Little Geek: Uh� who are you? And how do you know me? Have we met before?

I sat back and waited. Then, a reply popped up.

QuickSilver: It�s me, Max!

Wired Little Geek: Huh?

QuickSilver: Max Thaws. Remember?

Wired Little Geek: No�

QuickSilver: Oko Elementary School. Did you go there?

Wired Little Geek: Yes� Did you?

The next response blew me completely out of my mind.

QuickSilver: I drew on the classroom wall on the day of the fire.

Puzzled, I typed:

Wired Little Geek: What did you draw?

QuickSilver: Kamion, the dragon. You remember him?

Wired Little Geek: Vaguely? Red eyes and yellow teeth?

QuickSilver: Yes!

Wired Little Geek: And black wings?

QuickSilver: Yes!

Wired Little Geek: With the stumpy arms and legs.

QuickSilver: YES!

That�s when the lights all flipped on in my brain. Crap!

Wired Little Geek: Max? Maxxie?

Then, a video feed request popped up for me. I looked up at my webcam. Couldn�t hurt to see this guy, could it? I turned on my webcam and clicked �accept.� The channel popped up on my screen. A guy with dark jet black hair and white blonde streaks stared back at me. He had on some black pajamas. I blinked at him as I slid on my microphone. Max gave me a little wave.

�Sup?� he asked.

�What happened to your hair and did you just get out of bed?� I asked.

�I highlighted it years ago,� he said. �And yes.�

�Okay� how did you find me?� I asked.

�Your webcam journals,� Max said. I blinked at him in a blank way. People are actually watching those things?!? Max gave me a little grin.

�I don�t get it,� I said.

�Get what?� Max asked me back.

�Why get in contact with me after all of these years?� I asked. He just gave me a small shrug.

�Felt like it,� he said. �But, you�re not the only one I need to find.�

�I�m not?� I asked as I cocked my head at him. He shook his head at me.

�Uh-uh,� Maxxie said.

�Who else?� I asked. He took a moment to run back all of the names in his head.

�Let�s see, there�s Lisa, Gordon, Russell, Robin, Krista, Matt, Kele, and Julie,� he answered. Wow, that many people!

I then unintentionally said, �I don�t know how to get in contact with the others, but I can give you the work e-mails of Kele and Julie.� Max�s deep red eyes looked really big and amazed.

�You would really do that?� he asked.

�Yeah sure, hang on,� I said. I brought up my e-mail, wrote a quick message with my best friend and girlfriend�s e-mails, and hit �send.�

�Got them?� I asked.

�Just did. Thank you so much!� my old friend cheered.

�Anytime,� I said with a smile. I don�t know what happened in that hour I was alone in that apartment of the boarding house, but I think I just opened us all up into one complicated curveball into another.

And for that my friends and girlfriend, my bad. Seriously and utterly my bad.