Max Meets Izumi and Baby Doll

 Finally, we come down to the last two angels. They should be safe to talk about, right? They won’t try and kill me in my sleep, right? Right?

I quickly looked around and breathed out.

Good, now they last two first encounters weren’t as confusing or nerve-wrecking as the previous four. They did leave me scratching my head. Where do I begin with these couple of gems?

I closed my eyes and took a deep breath.

Give me a minute.

I took in a few more breaths. For a few seconds, I don’t move.

Okay, I’m ready… So, here I go.


I met her and her girlfriend at a noodle bar. You guessed it, I was avoiding my house. (I can’t get into detail about my life just yet.) Plus, I hadn’t eaten since that morning. I just wanted a hot bowl of ramen and to be left alone. There weren’t that many people around that evening. The cook in the back didn’t really want to be bothered. I think he wanted to be in his bed right now.

While I was waiting on my late dinner, I took a look around the place. Further down the bar, I noticed these two women looking longingly into others’ eyes. I don’t really think much about gay couples. Hey that’s just them. As long as there is no abuse, it’s cool.

I decided to watch them for the heck of it. The woman with the darker hair appeared to look slightly uncomfortable. The blonde pulled her face towards her. She whispered something in her ear. Her girlfriend blushed before the blonde kissed her. Again, I didn’t really think much about it.

That’s when the blonde looked up at me, glaring.

“What?” she hissed. I put up my hands, shaking my head. By that time, my ramen had come to me. I thanked the cook and ended up eating with my head down until I was finished. I only hoped that she would try and hunt me down later.

-Baby Doll-

I have met her before. She was with those two boys. Baby Doll didn’t look too happy to be hanging around them either. I don’t think she liked me either. Still, we all crossed paths again the next day.

After being punched by Lisa and Yoshiko, I wandered off in a daze. After what felt like hours, I came across Baby Doll, Masayuki, and Michiro waiting to get on the bus to Tokyo. They turned and saw me walking towards them.

“Hey there,” Masayuki said, waving at me. It hurt to try and smile through my smile, but I waved back. Baby Doll tilted her head as she gave me a strange look.

“What happened to you?” she asked.

“Please don’t ask,” I murmured. Baby Doll continued to stare me down. I still couldn’t figure her out. She suddenly shut me a cold glare.

“What are you looking at?” she asked. I shrugged at her, shaking my head.

“You’re staring at me!” I shouted. “Why are you staring at me so much?” I waited for her to respond. I half-expected her to yell at me, cuss me out, or flip me off. Instead, she rolled her eyes and turned back to the front when the bus pulled up to the stop. I tilted my head as I watched her and the two boys board the bus.

I still couldn’t get her and I can’t get her now.