Mini's Funeral

    Setting in black and white. Standard living room. Three men in black suits sitting around, waiting. They look rather down today. Mini (Jenny) sits upstairs at her vanity. Her face looks somber and empty. Thick, black eye shadow hid her eyes. There were no tears. No emotion. Mini stared at herself in the mirror.

    Outside, the funeral party awaits. A girl with blonde hair (Pandora) flips her bangs out of her eyes. The black limo sits outside, waiting. The driver (Ian) takes a smoke before getting into the car. It is about time to go. The funeral party takes its place into different vehicles.

    Inside, Mini finishes touching up her make-up and rises from her chair. The man inside look up and see her slowly walking down the stairs. They all rise to greet her. Mini gives them all a somber look. But yet, she does not cry. There is nothing inside of her. She doesn't even speak. The woman only gives them a nod. The men exit the room. Mini watches them at first. She is still silent and emotionless. When the door closes, Mini follows behind them.

    Outside is quiet. Even the birds aren't singing tonight. Mini was boxed in her thoughts with each step. Her black kitten heels echoed on the cobblestone. The funeral watches her from inside their vehicles. Mini stands there, void of anything. The others keep watching. It is as if they expect her to say or do something drastic. Nothing happens, however. Mini just walks over to her car and gets in. The one of the men close her door before getting into another car. The car with the casket is the first to drive away. Then, Mini's car follows behind. Soon, the rest of the funeral party follows.

    The ceremony was short and to the point. Everyone went up to say something about the deceased. Mini did no such thing. She sat there in silence the whole time. All eyes glanced at her. She doesn't even notice them. Her eyes are fixed on the slick black casket at the front of the church. The priest talks on and on about the deceased. There are some tears starting to dry up, but none of them are Mini's.

    The funeral party all left the church in silence. Mini led the way in her somber, icy beauty. She followed the small, black slick casket down the dirt path to the country graveyard. Mini said nothing as she kept walking. She turned out the spirituals rising to the sky behind her. With each step, Mini's own soul shrank further and further into her growing void hole of darkness. She wasn't rushing the day, but she didn't feel like being here at the moment. The woman only put up her mask a little bit longer. Almost there now.

    They all arrived at the graveyard. There was an open plot under the big willow tree that Mini and the deceased once loved together. Mini chose this spot for burial as a last desperate act to keep herself together. They were now under this beautiful willow tree with an open grave before them. The widow swallowed down her emotions one more time as the priest whispered one more prayer over the coffin. The undertakers lowered it into the grave. People began throwing in daises as the dirt was thrown over it. Mini only stood back and watched with her lips pressed together. She looked like she would say something, but no words came out and her lips stayed together tightly. One by one the funeral party receded away to their awaiting normal lives. Mini forced herself  to stay still as they walked by her. They patted her on the shoulder and whispered they were sorry for her loss. The woman didn't respond and kept staring at the hole filling up before her.

    When everyone was gone, Mini walked over to the grave. She dropped the last wilted daisy on the dirt along with her tears.

R.I.P. Mini's Heart