Natalia�s Monkey


I can�t get rid of him. I run into him every day. I don�t know what he wants with me. I certainly don�t want anything to do with him. Why doesn�t he see that?

Okay, let me back up some. Ten days ago to be exact.

I tried to stay out of the town when I can. Yet, there are those time when I can�t avoid it. Groceries, truck maintenance, bills, supplies, just the mundane stay that humans have to go through. It�s really just a pain. I went out to the local grocery store to pick up some food for dinner. I don�t understand it. Why am I always the one who does this crap? The other girls just buy noodle cups and things to pop in the microwave. I�m the only one who buys real food. I�m the only one who really cooks. Something�s got to change.

Now, back to the story.

I was shopping for chicken when I spotted a weirdo in the diary section. He looked like a punk rocker with his baggy jeans and chains through the belt loops. His hair covered one of his eyes. His jeans yelled at me to pull them up. The hands in his pockets didn�t help his look out either. This dude�s hoodie looked like it needed to be washed for days now. The hood over his head did the same thing that his hands in his pocket did. His dingy flip flops and dirty toe nails completed his grunge look. I sneered at him.

They let this guy in here?, I thought. Why? I stared down his skull on his back. I gritted my teeth at the design�s teeth. If I was a security guard, I would take him to the back and question him. I know I�m profiling here, but if you saw this guy, you would think the same thing. But, I just couldn�t take my eyes off of him. I wanted to, oh believe me! Yet, I didn�t turn away. I just stayed there, staring at this guy�s back.

Suddenly, I froze. I noticed that my eyes caught his. I slowly backed away. Oh shit! He�s looking at me now! What the hell? The guy�s eyes stayed right on mine. I fought to keep a poker face as I stared him down back. Don�t come this way! Don�t come this way! Don�t come this way!, I yelled in my mind over and over again. He didn�t move. He just stood there, staring at me. I felt my mask crumbling as my mouth twitched into a sneer. Okay dude, I thought. Just do something! Jerk! This is so creepy.

Then, the guy turned and walked off. My eyes followed his every moment. My feet itched to follow after him. It took all of my being to stay right where I was. When he was out of my sight, the tension in my body folded and packed away. I shook my head to myself. What was that all about? That was just annoying. Suddenly, I felt agitated again. Not like in a petty way either. I can�t really explain it at the time. Mind you, it makes sense to me later on. But, I am not there yet. I have only started with this �saga� or whatever it is. I have to back up to current point.

Because of my mood, I almost forgot to pick up my chicken. I had to turn around and pick it back up. Get it together, idiot, I thought. Don�t let him get to you. It�s not like you�re going to see him again tomorrow.

I should�ve known.

Since then, I see him everywhere. In the grocery store, in town, at the auto shop, post office, and ever in my dreams. I don�t understand it either. Why can�t I get that idiot out of my head? I do not want him in my mind.

Argh! Get this monkey out of my head! I just want to get on with my life.