Chapter Two: Night Before Battle:

Tsuzuki and Anna made it home. She turned and kissed him on the lips. He gently pushed her back as she playfully grabbed him.

“Whoa!” Tsuzuki said. Anna looked at him, pouting. He couldn’t help but smile.

“Frisky, aren’t we?” he asked.

“Entertain me,” Anna whimpered. Tsuzuki laughed and kissed her.

“Okay, your wish is my command,” he said. He unlocked the door and pulled her inside.

They made it to their room. Anna flopped back onto the futon. Hello bedroom eyes. Tsuzuki smirked. Heh. He figured, why not? He could get out of the way before tomorrow morning. The shinigami leaned down and kissed Anna. She melted into the sensations as she pulled him into her arms.

“Mmm,” she murmured. “Take me.” Tsuzuki nibbled on her neck. Anna clutched the sheets underneath her. His hands felt good against her skin. Her brown t-shirt went over her head. Tsuzuki feasted his eyes on her deep brown bra. Classic sexy for him tonight. But, she wouldn’t let him enjoy the view for long.

Anna playfully tugged at his tie. Tsuzuki looked down and saw her smile.

“Okay, okay,” he said. “I’m on it.” The shinigami untied his tie. Their clothes littered the floor. Tsuzuki panted heavily.

“You are so beautiful,” he said. Anna lay underneath naked and waiting. Her legs wide open. The shinigami gulped. His cheeks turned bright red.

“I love so much!” he said. Tsuzuki knelt over his wife.


A young man stood naked in a barren land of black. The hot winds blew around him. He ignored the sand hitting his skin. In the distance, he heard someone calling him. He couldn’t make out the words.

All he knew was that he had to walk.

The ground burned at his feet. The voice pulled him in closer. The heat in his face didn’t bother him. Something was alive here. Hollow screaming filled the air. There was no pain them. The young man shielded his eyes.

A fire burned in the distance. Something told him to come closer. His feet sank deeper into the black sand. He heard the ground breathing out. His footsteps disappeared behind him. Nothing drew his focus from the fine. The closer her got, the quieter the voice became. He strained to listen.

However, something else caught his attention.

A bride outlined in fire stood in front of the mountain-high flames. Her red-flowered kimono blended in with the glowing heat. The bride removed her white glowing kitsune mask. Her face rivaled the beauty of cherry blossoms in the living world. Her plump red lips murmured something inaudible.

The young man stopped in his tracks. The bride held out her hand. Her light blinded him and pulled him closer. When he touched her fingertips, everything vanished.

Fire burned everywhere. But, there was no heat. The young man looked around with a sense of wonder. Fire danced around like live hair. His eyes trailed around his new surroundings.

He wasn’t alone.

A woman sat in a bed of white lilies in front of him. She only had on a pair of black panties and her dark long hair made her stand out. A silver key hung from her neck.

“What do you desire?” the woman asked. The young man stared at her with blank eyes.

“What?” he asked. The woman sighed.

“Let me rephrase the question,” she said. “What are you looking for?”

“Oh,” he said. “I… I don’t know.” A humming bird floated around her head.

“Hm,” the woman said. “You don’t belong here. This land, this fine. I will guide you home.”

“Home?” the young man asked. “Where is that?”

“My knight will guide you home,” she said. The fire flared up, erasing everything from view.

When he opened his eyes, the young man found himself on a hill. He could see the barren land below. Above was the blue sky.

Again, he wasn’t alone.

When the young man turned around, a woman in a red kimono knelt before him. Her panty hoses were feminine, but war paint wanted blood. She carried a long black katana by her side. The warrior stood up.

“I am here to serve as your protector,” she said.  The woman bowed. The young man bowed back. She waved her katana in the air and they vanished.


Tsuzuki lay by Anna as she slept. And now, now he was ready.