Nothing to Worry About


I don�t understanding what�s happening to us either. Each time I think that I have it figured out, some other piece of the puzzle just comes along changes everything for me. I�m already trying to find Mizuka�s spirit again and now there are angels that have come into the picture.

I probably should back up on this.

The encounter with the angels started when I noticed Masayuki talking to some girl who I�ve never seen before in my life. But yet, she looks so familiar. I can�t really understand why. I can�t help but feel like I�ve seen her somewhere before. I�m almost tempted to her ask her. It�s not really my business, but still�

It�s now October 21st and I see Masayuki talking to that girl again. I probably should walk away and don�t ask questions. But yet�

They look like they are in a heavy conversation. I watch them from a short distance. Masayuki did most of the talking like he normally did. The girl with the strawberry blonde pigtails listened on in silence. She would occasionally stop him to ask a question. Of course, he would answer and keep on talking.

The conversation is always the same to me. They keep talking about solving some murder. I keep hearing saying her murder, but she looks perfectly alive to me. All of this listening led to try something bold today. As the girl turned to leave, I decided to follow her. I waited until Masayuki walked off to find Michiro before I trailed the girl. As I kept my distance with my following her, I tried to place where I had seen her before. She looks like she is from around here. She definitely not from our school. High-schooler, maybe?

She led me further into town before I lost track of her. I looked around the empty street. Now where did she go? Nobody just vanishes into thin air just like. Maybe� she�s not human. No, that can�t be! Yet, it wouldn�t be the first time I had anything from the Hidden Realm. Okay, so she may not be human, but what is she? A ghost? Or something else?

I felt my whole body go stiff as I felt someone breathing on my neck. I slowly glanced over to my right. White-blue eyes gave me a heavy stare.

�Is there any reason why you�re following me so much?� she asked. I tried to turn to her, but she forced me to face forward.

�Don�t turn around,� she warned me. �Just answer the question.�

�Why?� I asked.

�Why what?�

�Why does there have to be a reason?�

�Because, I said so. Now answer my question.�

�Not really.�


�How do you know Masayuki?�

�Why? How do you know him?�

�He�s sort of a friend to me.�

�Sort of a friend?�

I shrugged at her. �It�s a long story. Now how do you know him?�

�He�s helping me find something.�


She leaned in closer to my ear. �A little murder.�

I whipped around and got a better look at her. She�s smiling at me. I felt a chill go up my spine at the look on her face.

�Whose?� I asked.

�Mine,� she said. I blinked at her.

�What?� I asked her as if she just told a joke I didn�t get. The girl only smiled and shook her head at me.

�Oh dear, I believe I�ve told you too much,� she said. I blinked at her again.

�What are you talking about?� I asked her. She told a step closer to me. I had to glance up at her to see her face again. I had no idea that she could be so tall close up. Then again, most of everyone is taller than me. She gave me a little smirk as she shook her head and took my face into her small head.

�I could kill you if I wanted just to keep you quiet,� she said. I felt my heart leap into my throat when she said that. I really hope that she�s just telling a very bad joke. She gave me a little smile instead.

�Nah,� she said at last. �I�m just going to send on your very way. So, run along.� I stared at her still confused for what felt like the longest time in my life. The girl then tried to shoe me away.

�Go on!� she said. �Get going! Now!�

�Okay, okay,� I mumbled to myself. I turned and walked away. I thought that was the end to the strangeness for the day. That when I saw a red-haired woman with glasses standing across the street, staring at me.