Season 2

53. Princess vs. Princess

    Misty and Jessie compete against one another for a "Queen of the Princess Festival", a day where girls rule and the guys have to do what ever they say.

54. The Purr-fect Hero

    It's Kids Day, and Ash and friends help the children at a nearby school celebrate the holiday.

55. Riddle Me This

    Ash, Brock and Misty travel to Cinnabar Island where Ash hopes to win his Volcano Badge.

56. Volcanic Panic

    Ash continues his quest to attain his Volcano Badge once he finally locates the gym that is suspended over a pool of molten lava!

57. Beach Blank-Out Blastoise

    As Ash and the gang rush to catch the last ferry off Cinnabar Island, they 'stumble' over a rare Pokémon in trouble.

 58. The Misty Mermaid

    One of Misty's water Pokémon is in urgent need of exercise, so the gang decides to take her Horsea to the gym run by her two sisters in Cerulean City.

59. Clefairy Tales

    Ash, Brock and Misty get sidetracked on their way to Viridian City when all of their belongings mysteriously disappear. While searching for their missing things, the group find themselves mixed up in a close encounter that's really out of this world!

60. Battle of the Badge

    Our friends are in Viridian City where Ash seeks to earn his 8th Earth Badge and the chance to compete in the Pokémon League.

61. It's Mr. Mime Time

    Ash and crew are on their way back to Pallet to ask Prof. Oak about the mysterious Pokémon when they encounter a rare 'Mr. Mime' that has run away from it's master.

62. Holiday Hi-Jynx!

    The gang come upon Jynx, the human looking Pokémon, who claims to be holding the boot of Santa Claus!

63. Snow Way Out

    Continuing their journey deep into the woods, the gang decides to climb a dangerous mountain. Pikachu get's lost leaving the others searching for him in a nasty snow storm.

64. Showdown at the Po-ke Corral

    Team Rocket decides to try to steal all the Pokémon in Prof. Oak's lab -- including Ash and Gary's Pokémon!

65. The Evolution Solution

    Ash decides to join his family and friends vacationing on Seafoam Island, and meets Professor Woodward, the programmer of the Pokedex.

66. The Pi-Kahuna

    As decides to try surfing to stay in top shape. They meet a surfer who is afraid of riding a big wave that shows up once every 20 years. Can Ash help him get his confidence back?

67. Lights, Camera, Quaction

    A movie director comes to town and everybody wants to be the "star". Ash, Brock, Misty and Team Rocket fight to make sure it's their Pokémon that will star opposite Wigglytuff.

68. Go West Young Meowth

    The gang heads to Hollywood for the premiere of "Pokémon in Love" and Meowth is forced to look at his painful past. Meowth shares memories of his life before Team Rocket, and tells how and why he learned to walk and talk like a human.

69. Make Room For Gloom!

    The group is back in Pallet Town. They meet up with Florinda. She's afraid that Gloom is not evolving into a Vileplume because she's not training it properly but her Gloom is doing just fine!

70. To Master the Onixpected

    Ash, Brock and Misty head up to Mt. Hideaway to find one of the Elite Four Trainers. Ash and Brock hope he will teach them the "real" secrets of Pokémon training, but what they really learn is that Mt. Hideaway is the land of overgrown Onix!

71. The Ancient Puzzle of Pokemopolis

    While Ash and Brock are training for the Pokémon League, they find a hidden temple containing Pokémon fossils. Misty remembers reading about a hidden city where people used to build temples to honor Pokémon. Have they stumbled upon the ancient city Pokemopolis?

72. Bad to the Bone

    Ash, Brock and Misty leave Pallet Town and are on their way to the Pokémon League Tournament when they run into another trainer who's also headed for the Indigo Plateau. But this trainer has had all of his Pokémon Badges stolen from him and unless he gets eight more badges he won't be able to complete in the Tournament. Ash is challenged to a battle where the winner gets to keep all eight of Ash's Badges!

73. All Fired Up!

    On the day before the Pokémon League Tournament, Ash, Brock and Misty watch as the torchbearer runs by on his way to Indigo stadium. They learn that it is the flame of a Moltres, a legendary Pokémon that stands for the spirit of the Pokémon League that lights the torch. It's Team Rocket once again who tries to spoil the moment when they attempt to steal the flame of the Moltres.

74. Round One-Begin!

    It's day one of the Pokémon League Tournament. Ash's checking into the Pokémon Village where he's told his first battle will be held on the Water Field. Professor Oak suggests that he not go into battle with Squirtle as his only water Pokémon and sends Krabby over as a back up. Ash begins the battle by using his Krabby who's never fought before.

75. Fire and Ice

    In between matches, Ash needs to drop off his Pokémon at the Pokémon Center to have them taken care of. Team Rocket takes this opportunity to make one more attempt at stealing Pikachu. They set up a Pokémon Center of their own and when Ash drops off his Pokeballs, they grab them and run. When he finally gets his Pokémon back, Ash must race to make it to his third match of competition.

76. The Fourth Round Rumble

    Ash's fourth battle on the Grass Field is against Jeanette Fisher who brings a whole cheering section with her. Jeanette uses a powerful Scyther, which Ash has never battled before. Jeanette brings out her Bellsprout which Ash feels is not as good as his Pokémon. Ash lets his over-confidence take over.

77. A Friend In Deed

    Ash's Mom and Professor Oak make a surprise visit to watch Ash battle in the Pokémon League Tournament. Professor Oak tells Ash that if he win his next battle he'll be able to use six Pokémon in battle instead of three. He also tells Ash to remember that if he does his best but loses his matches, he's still a winner! On their way back from dinner, Ash meets another trainer, Richie and they become fast friends.

78. Friend and Foe Alike

    Ash and Richie end up against each other in the Pokémon League Competition. Ash and Richie make a promise to each other that because they're friends they will make this the best Pokémon battle they've ever had. Team Rocket kidnaps Ash and demands he give them Pikachu or he won't make it to the battle.

79. Friends to the End

    It's the sixth round match and Ash, Misty and Brock are cheering for their new friend, Richie. Ash and Richie get to march with athletes for the closing ceremonies of the Competition where they add a Pokémon League Badge to their collection.

80. Pallet Party Panic

    Ash and his friends return to Pallet Town for a hero's welcome. Team Rocket ruins the party when they try to steal Pikachu again. Professor Oak makes a request for Ash, Brock and Misty to go on another journey to bring back a mysterious looking Pokeball for him.

81. A Scare In The Air

    Ash, Brock and Misty prepare for their long journey to Valencia Island to bring back the Pokeball. After discovering that the trip will take a month to get there, Ash manages to win a free blimp ride so it will take only a day. Once on board, they realize the blimp is being powered by Team Rocket!

82. Pokeball Peril

    After making a crash landing onto Valencia Island, our heros get directions to Professor Ivy's lab where the mysterious Pokeball is being held. Brock realizes that Professor Ivy and her group of scientist are Pokémon breeders just like him.

83. The Lost Lapras

    After picking up the "GS Ball" from Professor Ivy, Brock decides to stay on the island and Ash and Misty head back home by blimp. Unfortunately, our duo gets double-crossed by Team Rocket again, and Jigglypuff puts the whole crew to sleep. They crash land again in the middle on nowhere and meet a new friend named Tracey.

84. Fit to Be Tide

    Ash, Misty and their new friend Tracey are exploring the Orange Islands as Ash sets out to qualify for the Orange League Tournament. After hearing that the Mikan Gym Leader is one of the toughest trainers in the Orange Crew, Ash can't wait for the challenge.

85. Pikachu Re-Volts

    Just as Ash, Misty and Tracey set foot on Mandarin Island, Pikachu and Togepi turn against them and join a group of other angry Pokémon. Officer Jenny arrives and informs them that dozens of Pokémon have been reported missing, including Meowth! Everyone fears a Psychic attack is behind this mystery.

86. The Crystal Onix

    While riding around the Orange Islands on his Lapras, Ash finds a message in a bottle, which leads the gang on a new adventure. Ash, Misty and Tracey travel to Sunburst Island. They meet a young shopkeeper who's looking for inspiration from a "crystal Onix." Unable to find this special Pokémon, the shopkeeper turns to our heroes.

87. In the Pink

    A raging whirlpool takes our heroes to top-secret Pinkan Island. Tracey's Pokémon watching skills are put to the test, while Ash's attempts at observing lead to trouble for both his friends and a pink Rhyhorn. Jenny and Professor Oak must explain to the gang why scientists alone are allowed on the island.

88. Shell Shock

    Aboard Lapras, the group follows a news crew to an island, where a scientific expedition is underway after the discovery of a fossilized Kabuto. A bunch of natural disasters place our heroes in danger, with only the power of their Pokémon to help them.

89. Stage Fight!

    Ash, Misty and Tracey buy tickets to the Pokémon Showboat. An actress has been having problems with her Raichu ever since it shocked her. Ash and Pikachu may be able to help. But they'll have to deal with Team Rocket first, as they attempt to steal all the talking Pokémon.

90. Bye, Bye Psyduck

    Misty meets another female trainer who is an expert on water Pokémon. The new trainer notices that Misty's Psyduck may be ready to evolve. A Golduck springs from the water and battles for Misty.

91. The Joy of Pokémon

    While sailing between small islands, the group encounters an extremely busy Nurse, Joy. She invites our heroes to travel with her. On the trip, they learn much about Pokémon and Joy's very special friendship with a Magikarp. Joy runs into trouble continuing her rounds once Team Rocket storms into the area.

92. Navel Maneuvers

    A second Orange Islands trainer puts Ash and his Pokémon through a bunch of tests. Ash must climb a mountain without use of his Pokémon. Once at the summit, he must get the proper team of Pokémon to freeze moving water, make a bobsled, and then win a race on the sled.

93. Snack Attack

    While Ash and friends are still discovering new islands, they come upon the seven "Grapefruit Islands" where groves of giant grapefruit are ripe. When it looks like thieves are stealing the grapefruit, Ash, Tracey and Misty volunteer to help catch them. What looked like hundreds of thieves was actually one giant, hungry...and sleepy culprit.

94. A Shipful of Shivers

    Professor Oak tells Ash, Tracey and Misty that divers have found a three hundred year old Orange League Championship trophy off the coast of Moro Island. The trophy is on display at a museum for all to see. By the time they get to the museum, Team Rocket has already paid a visit and now it's up to our heroes to track them down!

95. Meowth Rules!

    Team Rocket has engine trouble and lands on an island where the natives are waiting for the "Great Meowth of Bounty" to come and fulfill an ancient prophesy. When Meowth gets mistaken for this creature with special powers, he enjoys the special treatment and decides to play along.

96. Tracey Gets Bugged

    Ash and Tracey are thrilled when they reach Murcott Island, an island famous for having tons of bug-type Pokémon. Misty must try and overcome her fear of bugs when the trio finds an injured Scyther that needs treatment. Team Rocket gets into their own battle with a swarm of Scythers, and they come out of it with a whole new look!

97. A Way Off Day Off

    Ash and the gang discover a new island that is loaded with different types of fruit trees. The decide to take a day off and give their Pokémon a little vacation. But Team Rocket doesn't take a day off from trying to steal Pikachu.

98. The Mandarin Island Miss Match

    Ash, Misty and Tracey are on Mandarin Island where Ash has just won three battles. But he finally meets his match when they run into, Prima, one of the very best trainers on the Orange Islands. Misty is thrilled to meet her hero because she also trains water-type Pokémon, but, it's Ash who learns a lesson from this trainer.

99. Wherefore Art Thou, Pokémon?

    Our heroes are on their way to Trovita Island when they come across two Pokémon trainers who hate each other, even though their two Pokémon are in love. He has a male Nidoran and she has a female Nidoran and all that the two Pokémon want is to be together. Misty thinks that perhaps it's the two trainers that are in love as well!

100. Git Along, Little Pokémon

    Ash, Misty and Tracey are bound for the next Orange League gym on Trovita when they find themselves trekking across lots of land, miles from anywhere. Tired, hungry and wet from a downpour, the gang spots a swarm of circling Magnemite gathering electricity from the lightening. Ash later finds out about a power outage in the next town and tries to save the day!

101. The Mystery Menace

    Ash and the group make their way to Trovitopolis, which should lead them right to Trovita Island and the next Orange League gym! The earth cracks right beneath their feet and they find themselves in the sewer underground and not alone. There seems to be some sort of a "monster" living there that has been terrorizing the town.

102. Misty Meets Her Match

    Our heroes come across a young girl and her seel drowning. While Misty and her Staryu jump in the water and save them both, the young girl's brother watches the rescue through his binoculars and falls in love with Misty. The brother also happens to be the Trovita Island Gym Leader that Ash is determined to beat!

103. Bound For Trouble

    After leaving Trovita Island, Ash and his friends stop off at a place that has a reputation for super-sized Pokémon. After falling for a Team Rocket trick that lands them in a giant hole in the ground, Pikachu gets stolen once again. This time Team Rocket locks Pikachu and Meowth together just before a giant Pidgeot swoops down and grabs them. Can the two survive in a land of giant Pokémon, being stuck together and without a key?

104. Charizard Chills

    Ash, Tracey and Misty are sailing along on Lapras when they almost crash into another Pokémon trainer wanting to battle Ash. This trainer heard about Ash from the Trovita Island gym leader and wants to put his Pokémon up against Ash's. When the new trainer uses a super-powerful Poliwrath on Charizard, it's more than anyone expects. Charizard finally decides to obey and respect Ash as not only his trainer but also his friend, and the two become closer than ever!

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