Chapter Forty-Two: Paradise Circus:


I: Monday

The week’s been… Oh, how do I put this? Wow! It’s been pretty busy.

Day One…

I invite Anna-chan to work for lunch. Wakaba-chan made a nice peach pie last night. I believe it will go great with the leftovers I have today. I grin smugly to myself as I wonder which will taste better - the pie or Anna-chan’s pussy? Guess I’ll just have to sample them both to figure things out.

“Asato-kun?” I hear behind me. I look up and see my beloved wife standing in the doorway. I wave her to me. “Yo!” I call out to her.  â€œCome, sit with me, Anna-chan.”

“This looks delicious,” she smiles. “Let’s eat.”

Lunch goes well - it's not only a feast for the eyes, but it's actually pretty damned tasty too. We ate leftover lavender rice from a night ago. It was just the thing not too sweet, but too spicy either. I smile watching Anna-chan eat.

“Happy to get out for a change?” I wonder.

“Yes!” Anna says.

“I knew you would,” I say. When we finish our lunch, I present Wakaba-chan’s pie.

“Did Wakaba make this?” Anna-chan asks.

“Yes,” cutting a slice as I speak. “Try some.”

I pick up a piece and shove it into her mouth, letting my fingers rest on her tongue for a second. “Well?” My wife chews and swallows with a smile on her face.

“It’s good,” she says. “Too bad it won’t last long.”

“What do you mean?”

“You always eat up her treats from me! I only had one apple lemon bar last time!”

I put up my hands. “Okay, okay. I’ll leave you some.”

The pie ends up half-eaten. I turn to her, smiling. “That was good. But, I think I know something just as yummy.”

Anna-chan gives me a curious look. “And what would that be?”

I chuckle before pinning her to the grass.

“Oh, I see…” Anna-chan says.


I waste no time getting her panties off, and going down on her right then and there. Damn, she's delicious.


II: Tuesday

After work, I sneak Anna-chan through the back of the Ju-Oh-Cho building.

“Welcome,” I greet her.

“And why are we here?”  Anna-chan demands, arms folded defensively across her chest.

I grab her around the waist and whisper, “One guess,” as I playfully nuzzle her ear but she tries to push me away.

“Wait, you wanna…? You wanna…” she stammered. “Right here, in the open?”

“Well, it's not completely out in the open. Besides, I thought we’d have a little fun if I get you off a little, first.” My hand drifts down to the zipper on her skirt. “If that’s okay with you.”

My hand keeps wandering and doesn't stop until I’ve pushed up her skirt and found my way into her panties. She tries to resist me, but can't she can't help but moan as my fingers explore her. By the time I’ve made it to her clit, she's sloppy wet, struggling for breath and her nails are digging into my shoulders. When she starts to come, I can't help but smirk at the results of my handiwork.

“You’ve chosen well, baby.”  I whisper lustily in her ear. “Those are my favorite panties.”


“Good morning,” the priest whispered to his “patient.” The deer’s breathing had improved, and gotten more stable. He patted her on the head.

“How are you?” the priest asked as he examined the skittish doe. “You look great. Your wounds are healing nicely.” The priest drew back his hand. “I bet you’re hungry. Wait here, sweet girl. I’ll get you something to eat.” He turned to walk away.

“What is your name?” a small voiced asked. The priest turned around, and gasped in surprise. The doe lifted her head. Once he calmed down, the kindly priest found his smile again.

“I am Asato,” he answered. “What's yours, my lovely?”

The doe frowned. “I don’t  have a name.” She looked at him gratefully, with widened eyes. “Will you do the honors of giving me one?”

The priest pondered the request. “Let’s see… Ummm…? How about Megumi?”



The deer’s heart nearly leapt out of her chest. “Megumi?!” she said aloud as she tried to find her voice. “Megumi loves Asato!” she decided.

The priest began to blush. “Okay… Wow. That's certainly unexpected.”


III: Wednesday

This time, we go to the top floor. I push-chan Anna against the wall and kiss her hard on the mouth.

“Won’t we get caught up here?” she asks in between our kisses.

“It’ll be fine,” I insist.

“But…” she murmurs. I silence her with another kiss as her panties drop to the ground and I hurriedly unzip my pants.


Eventually, Megumi wandered back into the woods. One rainy evening not so far removed from her meeting with the priest, she smiled as she thought about her beloved. He was such a kind man. She had never seen such a beautiful man before in her life. Those violet eyes felt so inviting every time she looked at them. No human had even been so kind to her before. The doe blushed and sighed wistfully at the thought of him. Asato…

It wasn't long before she began to wish that she be by his side forever. However, when Megumi looked down at her reflection she knew instinctively that it could never work out for them, because she was a deer. The poor heartsick doe closed her eyes and sighed. “I wish... I was human”. Megumi froze when an unseen hand delicately brushed against her back. The doe jerked her head upwards to see a goddess smiling down at her.

“Who are you?” she asked, blinking.

Love patted her on the head. “Someone who can help you,” the goddess replied.

Megumi tilted her head. “Help me? Help me how?”

“I have come to grant your wish.”

“My wish?”

“Yes, you’ve been longing to be with that dreamy priest, right?”

The doe blushed. “Well, yes…”

“I can help you attain your heart’s desire.” Love grinned with pride.

“But how?” Megumi asked.

The doe’s eyes grew larger still when Love reached into her kimono and presented her with a sacred fruit.

“Is that…?” she began to ask.

“Yes,” the deity answered. “You don’t have to answer me now. Just think about it.” She set the fruit down on the ground and quietly took her leave.


IV: Thursday

I sit at my desk alone for the evening. My eyes lock directly onto Anna-chan as she kneels before me.

“Crawl to me,” I command. At first, she doesn’t look too thrilled about this. Then, I decide to play the guilt card and begin to pout like a little child.

“Please?” I ask. “You would help me concentrate so that I can get some paperwork done tonight if you do this one thing for me. I really need this.” I plead with her. “Please, Anna-chan?” I'm a breath away from full on whining when she gives in. I have to smother a few smug giggles as she crawls over to me.

“Is Usagi-chan hungry?” I ask, mostly tongue in cheek.

She nods, giving me her own pout. I smirk as I unzip my pants.

“Well, here you are,” I tell her. I moan as she gets to work.


Megumi stared at the bright pink fruit in front of her. This held the power to grant her wish. Could she actually act on it? Love seemed to be silently urging her to make a decision.

The love-struck doe closed her eyes to think things through, and an image of her beloved priest appeared to in her thoughts. “Yes! I want to be with him,” she nodded to herself. Megumi leaned down and bit into the fruit. She felt her body quiver, and a pulse of energy surged through her.

Wha… What’s happening to me? Megumi reared up and stood on her hind legs. Her hooves morphed into fingers and toes. Beautiful, firm breasts began to form, but her figure truly took shape when curves developed on her previously sleek frame. Soft, shiny ginger colored hair sprouted from her head and fell to her shoulders. Her angular facial features softened to become fuller and more round.

Megumi looked at her reflection in the still waters of  nearby pond and was utterly shocked by what she saw.

I… I’m human!


V: Friday

A young, smartly dressed, auburn-haired woman walked up to a brightly lit whack-a-mole game. A cocky smile played her face as she dropped money into the game’s coin slot. When the buzzer rang, the game began.

Thwack!-Thwack!-Thwack! The young woman attempted to smash the brightly colored little moles as they popped up randomly from their little electronic hidey holes. At first, she casually swiped at the creatures then, raised the mallet to begin lashing out in earnest, actively attacking the game. Each successive blow became harder, faster and more aggressive than the last. Thump! The woman struck the game with such great force that she caused the machine to malfunction. She raised the padded mallet over her head one last time. The final blow caused the game to shatter and fly through the air in huge chunks as it to come crashing down. And, then... THWUMP!

The player wound up on the floor, in a sweating, panting heap.




Anna-chan sits on top of me, out of breath, so worn out that she can barely move.

I reach up to sweep a few strands of hair from her face and tell her, “Give me a kiss,”

She tries to lean down, but I decide to meet her halfway. Our lips meet, and I whisper “Good girl,” and politely pat her on the back of the head.


VI: Today

So, I am off to work again this week. I can’t help but snicker as I wonder how the day will turn out.