The Pest

Present Day.

He just kept asking her many questions.

�You have a boyfriend?�


This wasn�t the first day either.

�So, you from around this town?�


He first approached her ten days before.

�So how old are you?�


He found her at the pizza take-out place, waiting for her roommates.

�So can I have your phone number?�


Since then, he won�t go away.

�What do you mean?�

�Why do you want my phone number?�

He manages to find her in almost every public place.

�To call you.�

�And why would I let you do that?�

Persistent boy, he was.


�Cause why?�

She began to think that she had a stalker on her hands.

�I want to get to know you.�

�Really now?�

Lucky for her, he didn�t exactly know where she lived. But long would that last?



It�s kind of annoying really.

�Come on, I really do!�

�Sure you do.�

Annoying like gum stuck to the bottom of her shoe.

�Look, at least tell me your name.�

�You want my name?�

She doesn�t know how to handle him too well.


�Fine then. Baby Doll. It�s Baby Doll.�

She doesn�t know how to send him on his way from her for good.

�Baby Doll?�


He�s laughing at her.



She nodded as she said this.


�What? You don�t believe me?�

He gave her a little shrug.

�I didn�t say all of that.�

�Yeah right��

Right then, she found the answer to this persistent, nagging problem to this boy.

�Really, I didn�t say that!�

�Fine then. You want to know me so badly? Look up Suiten, October 15th, 2005.�

He gives her an odd look.

�Really now?�

�Yeah. Have fun.�

She walked away with a smile on her face. There, problem solved.

Or not�