Piano Bar

I: Friday Night:

Pandora had never really been in a bar. Never had the urge to go. She rarely drank at all. So, no bar trips for Pandora. That all changed when she joined the Factory.

Jenny came onto the Tokyo Sakura Art University campus one Friday night. She turned heads when she walked in her sexy jeans and black tube top. Couldn�t focus on that now. Jenny had a mission tonight. She made it to dorm 702 of Wakuba Hall and knocked on the door.

�Coming!� a tired voice said. Jenny waited. The door slid open. A tired freshman girl answered the door. She looked heavily disheveled. Her long black hair needed to be washed. Tangles invaded everything. This freshman looked like she needed a bath. Jenny tried her best not to be rude.

�Is Pandora in?� she asked. The roommate didn�t answer. She turned her head to the dorm.

�Pandi!!!� the freshman yelled. �Some model�s at the door for ya!�

�Coming!� the other freshman answered. Jenny smiled. The roommate turned back around.

�She�s coming!� she said.

�I know,� Jenny spoke. Pandora came down to the door in a minute.

�Hey,� she said. �What�s up�� Pandora looked over her roommate�s shoulder. Her eyes widened.

�Jenny?!?� she asked. The Polish singer clapped her hands together.

�Great!� she said. �You�re here! Get dressed and let�s go!� Pandora looked at her confused.

�Why?� she asked. Jenny grinned.

�It�s a party tonight at the Lotus!!!� she announced. Pandora didn�t get it.

�So?� she asked.

�So, get dressed and come on!� the Polish woman shouted. It took a while, but Jenny won. She pushed the newbie enough to hurry and get dressed. In fact, she helped Pandora get dressed.

�No, really!� the Brit insisted. �I can dress myself!� Jenny wouldn�t hear it.

�You need to look sexy!� she insisted. The Brit stared at her there.

�Why?!?� she asked. Jenny didn�t answer. The vocalist just dressed the freshman up. She smiled at the end result.

�Beautiful!� Jenny cheered. �You look like a fox!� Pandora had her head down embarrassed. She had on short white shorts and a black tight halter top. Jenny put her hair in ponytails. Pandora shook her quickly.

�No, I don�t!� she argued. �I look stupid!� Jenny smiled at her.

�Nonsense!� she remarked. �You look hot! Now, let�s go!� The singer grabbed the student and dragged her out the door. Poor Pandora didn�t stand a chance!

II: The Lotus:

The Lotus was a famous piano bar. Everyone went there. The Lotus always held a party there. It was a mix of classy and free-spirited. What other place can get away with having Jimi Hendrix and Mile Davis memorabilia in the same place? Everyone mixed in the Lotus. Young, old, rich, poor, hip, square. Everyone who was everyone went to the Lotus. Even Andy went there to look for talent from time to time. The Lotus always produced something new every night. It�s where the magic bred.

III: Game Plan:

Jenny had it all lined up. Career, looks, money, and now a finacee. All going according to plan. The plan started years ago.

When she was seven, Jenny was actually called Jadzia Zajac. Already, Jadzia had big dreams. She wanted to be many things. Her goals changed many times. By the age of nine, she found her talent. Jadzia started modeling. Her mother promoted the living Jesus out of her. In a few short weeks, the little girl became a star in her native Poland. Pretty soon, mother and daughter wanted more. So, away they went. But, not without some updates first.

Mrs. Zajac changed her daughter�s name from Jadzia Zajac to Jenny Cooper to make it easier to pronounce her name. From there, Jenny became her own woman. She left school at eighteen and got a job modeling in Japan. Her fame spread like a plague. She didn�t have to work for the next thirty years. But yet, Jenny wanted more. How to get it?

An idea popped into her head. The Polish bombshell wanted to sing. She was lucky to have a decent voice for the job. Jenny used her looks and talent to sign on for a record deal. In a short while, she was added to the Indigo Kids. Now, she and Ryan were engaged. Just a few more steps and Ryan would be hers!

IV: Playing with Trouble:

Emily Bellman had a new fascination. His name was Simon. He was such an innocent boy. The wicked love the innocent so much. Yet, Emily had some conflict.

On one hand, she wanted to taint Simon. The heiress wanted to show him things he had never seen before. She wanted to free his mind. Oh, Simon was so innocent. Emily wanted so badly to dirty him up! She�d make him a man by the time she was finished with him. Oh, Simon would be so fun to corrupt!

But on the other hand, Emily couldn�t do it. She just couldn�t bring herself to do it! Simon was a good boy. He should stay that way. Emily knew seducing that boy would ruin him. Her heart forbade her from doing so. The heiress knew herself too well. Emily knew that she would break his heart with her filth. Plus, Simon didn�t have money. The heiress loved the rich life too much to give it up. Simon could never fund that lifestyle. So, best to leave him alone. For now anyway�

See the conflict at hand?

V: Party Girls:

Jenny dragged Pandora all the way to the Lotus. They stopped in front of the doorway. Jenny smiled proudly. The lilac pink lights greeted them playfully.

�Well!� Jenny announced. �Here we are!� Pandora slowly looked up. She could smell the booze and cigarettes already. Just like the pubs back at home. She looked at the vocalist confused.

�Uh�� she spoke up. �Why are we here?� Jenny looked at her as if she had lost her mind.

�To party, of course!� she almost shouted. �What else?� Pandora shook her head.

�But, I don�t want to!� she said. Jenny grinned and grabbed her by the cheeks.

�You need to get out more!� she said slowly word for word. �So, that�s why we are here! I wouldn�t try to run if I was you. I won�t let you! So, stick around and enjoy tonight, okay?� Pandora looked at her with big eyes. Jenny wouldn�t listen no matter what. What could she say? The freshman was stuck. She had no choice. Pandora nodded once. Jenny kissed her on the tip of the nose. The freshman trembled.

�Good girl!� the vocalist remarked. �Let�s go!� Pandora sighed as her captor dragged her into the bar. Here goes another crazy Factory adventure. Yes, that�s right! Pandora got sucked into Factory wild ride.

VI: No Sleep to Tokyo:

Week after week Pandora had been dragged everywhere. Jenny, Toshiko, Ian, Andy, and even Emily always took the designer student out to party. By August first, she knew the name of every bar and club in Neo-Tokyo. But, Pandora just wanted to sleep!

She couldn�t remember the last time she slept in her bed in her dorm. The student usually found herself waking up on the Factory floor surrounded by the other stars that had stayed the night. Pandora would get up and leave for class that morning. This had turned into an endless cycle. Pandora just wanted to sleep!

One night of partying, fine. Every night is too much! Too bad the others didn�t see it that way. They just drank, got high, partied, and slept around to no end. Pandora didn�t join in. She stayed near the exit until time to leave. When the stars finally did leave, most had to leave in taxies due to being too high or drunk to drive. Pandora just wanted to sleep.

Tonight would be no different. Pandora just wanted to sleep! Was that too much to ask?

VII: Comfort and Support:

The Lotus was just warming up tonight. The place looked subtle. A young female pianist sat at the beautiful red and gold piano in the center of the bar playing Chopin. Pandora looked around. Descent, so far. The freshman began to relax.

�Pretty nice, huh Jen�� she started to say. But when Pandora looked up, Jenny was gone once again. Probably gone to drink and flirt with other men. How typical! Jenny always abandoned her at clubs and bars. So now what?

Pandora sighed. �I�m all alone again!� she thought. �Figures!� She can�t leave if she wanted to, Jenny would know. Pandora had no choice but to stay.

She walked over to the bar and sat down. The girl sighed.

�Abandoned again, huh?� a familiar voice asked her. Pandora quickly looked up. Evan sat next to her smiling. The freshman relaxed as she nodded.

�Yeah,� she said. The Scottish film student smiled at her. He turned to the bar tender.

�Bar tender!� the Scottish boy called. �Two cherry bride virgins!�

�Coming up!� the bar tender replied. He got right to work. Evan turned back to Pandora.

�So talk to me,� he said. �What is your problem?� Pandora looked down at the bar.

�I just want to sleep in my dorm for one night,� she complained softly.

�Then why don�t you?� Evan asked. Pandora shook her head. The sophomore figured it all out.

�Oh!� he said. �Held hostage, huh?�

�Yeah,� Pandora answered. She sighed again. Evan smiled in sympathy. He lightly patted her on the shoulder.

�There, there,� the film student whispered. �Jenny and them will eventually get bored with you and find someone new to drag along. Hang in there. It won�t be long.� Pandora looked at him.

�Do you think so?� she asked.

�Yeah,� Evan said nodding. His crush finally began to smile a bit. Evan smiled as well. The Scottish boy stayed by the English flower for the whole night. They just talked and drank the whole while. And suddenly, Pandora saw Evan in a new light of pink. Pink light of lover, that is!

VIII: Night Life:

The night�s more exciting than the day. More to do, one supposes. The clubs and parties are always at night. Sometimes, love blossoms in the night. How, you ask? Follow along and see, if you will! It�ll be worth your while.

Black Night