Chapter Thirty-Five: Red Madam:


I: Invitation

Our long weekend begins tonight. We planned it this morning.


“What are we doing, husband?”

He kisses me on the lips, “We have a long weekend.”


“Let’s stay in all weekend.” He grinned devilishly.

“Alright, and then what?”

“Whatever we please.”

I narrow my eyes at him with deep suspicion. “That’s all?”

“All naked,” he licked his lips.




I look at the clock. I just received his text. I look around our room and smile at my handiwork. This room is perfect for tonight Let’s just say, I went all out for this. I smile at my handy work. Red curtains cover the windows, lit candles sat spread across the floor, and gardenias join the lights with their fresh blooms. I won’t turn on the music yet. I am even wearing my favorite lingerie for this first night.

“I’m home!” I hear from the front door. I sit up on the futon.

“In here, Asato-kun!” I call. I listen for his footfalls as he approaches. Our night begins when the bedroom door opens.

“Welcome home,” I purr.


II: Parlor

He smiles as he closes the door. “Well, this is a lovely surprise.”

“I aim to please,” I smile lustily.

The evening's playtime begins with a single, direct request from me to Asato-kun: “Kiss me,”

Asato-kun drinks me in. The look in his eyes tell me that he's enjoying how sexy I look with my hair down, wearing my purple and fuchsia babydoll gown tonight. He saunters over to me, untying his necktie as he walks. His tie hit the floor before he reached the edge of the futon…

Asato-kun goes straight for my ear as I pull him into my arms for a kiss. I can feel the hunger in his embrace. I breathe a sharp breath and claw the nape of his neck. He growls and nips my earlobe in response. The sensation of his lips and teeth on my sensitive skin becomes so intense that I cry out.

“Are you okay?” he whispers.

I circle my arms around him and moan, “Don’t stop! I want more!”

His hands brush down my sides, barely grazing my skin with the backs of his fingers. Then, he gathers the hem of my gown in each hand and slowly pulls my gown over my head. I tremble with anticipation as the silky fabric glides over my skin.

“Wow!” He gulps nervously.

“What is it?”

“You're so beautiful, Anna-chan.”

Asato-kun unbuttons his shirt and casts it aside while I reach up to playfully tug at his belt but he stops me, shaking his head as he gently removes my hands. I lower my eyes, and pout at him like a naughty little child.

“Not yet,” he chuckles, as he whispers in my ear.


III: Intoxication

His right hand slides down to my panties while his mouth latches on to my breast. Asato-kun is very skillful with his tongue. He flicks it just over my nipple, barely grazing the skin as it pebbles. I moan as he licks and nuzzles nipple while he uses the other to stroke me over my panties. My fingers card through his hair as he pleasures me.

“What are you...?”

His lifts a finger to my lips. “Don’t talk.” And he takes another lick. “Don’t talk.” A second finger joins the first one. I breathe out a quick sharp gasp. I can feel his cock straining against the fabric of his pants as he ruts himself against my thigh.

I could hear him snickering, eyes darkened by sheer lust as they connect with mine.  I cry out as he continues to pleasure me. Almost instantly, I part my thighs for him. Eventually, my damp panties wind up with my gown on the floor.

“You want more, don’t you?” Asato-kun asks.

“Yes!” I wail at the top of my lungs.

He smirks at me arrogantly, “Well okay,” Asato-kun “But you have to promise me something first.”

I look at him overly aroused, and quite confused. “What?” I ask.


His hand darts for my aching core.


IV: Honey Wine

Desire found the next element in the dead woods. The kitsune spirits protected a naked nymph as she sat in the middle of a desolate forest. She wrung her hands nervously as she looked down at her lap. Desire approached her cautiously.

“Hello there,” she greeted the nymph. The silent woman looked up at her. Desire offered the nymph her hand.

“Come with me,” she said. The nymph stared at her with empty soulless eyes.

Desire gave her a calm smile, “It’s okay,” she said. “I will look after you.” The kitsune moved away as the nymph rose to her feet. Desire cloaked her new tool in thin white silk. Part one of the scheme had begun with a light, simple touch.


Asato-kun sits up and unfastens his belt. I can’t help but stare at the outline of his member. He was remarkable, even through his trousers.

Asato-kun unzips his trousers and slides them off. His boxers follow suit.  â€œRemember our bargain,” he warns me.


V: Transformation

Desire took the nymph into her house. Desire smiled at the blushing nymph, trying to relax her by easing her into the warm water of a steamy bath. No sooner had the nymph touched the water, then butterflies formed and flew up to the ceiling.

“You are a very pretty girl,” she chortled.

Desire climbed into the tub behind the nymph, and tenderly washed her skin. Then, the deity washed the nymph’s long black hair.

“You’re going to be really beautiful,” she whispered.

An hour later, Desire began on her own hair. The nymph wound up with two large chignons, one on either side of her head. Desire used bluish pink lotus flowers to decorate them. Then, the deity washed the nymph’s long black hair.

With a little traditional makeup - bright red eye shadow and lipstick against a stark white painted face - the nymph had been transformed into a maiko. Desire handed her a fan with the signature red, black, and white fan of her uchi and smiled.

“You are so cute!” she squealed. “Now for some clothes!”

VI: Round Two

The morning after our vigorous night of passion, I find myself sitting and staring lovingly at Asato-kun. I feel sticky and debauched, so decide to clean myself up a bit.

I tilt my head playfully and blithely announced:

 â€œI think I’m going to take a shower.”

I climb out of bed and walk toward the bathroom. “Well… Okay,” Asato-kun replies with a wink and a devilish gleam in his eyes, as he follows me into the bathroom. As if the mere thought of taking a shower with me was the very thing he needed. It seemed to me that just the mention of me taking a shower turned him on.

I had no idea what was on his mind, but I know this won't be any ordinary shower.