Chapter Twenty-One: Red Lotus Noir:

You wake me,
Part my thighs, and kiss me.
I give you the dew
Of the first morning of the world.

--“IX” from The Love Poems of Marichiko by Kenneth Rexroth 1978

July 6th, 2009.

The rain brought on another heated nigh while Tsuzuki took Anna out on another date. She found herself taken in by such openness; it oddly seemed to turn her on. Tsuzuki turned to her at her front door.

“How did you enjoy the movie tonight?” he asked. Anna gave him a little smile.

“Great,” she said. Her eyes stayed locked on him at all times. The shinigami smiled at her, unaware of what was going to take place next.

“Glad you liked,” he said. Tsuzuki noticed the look in her eyes.

“Anna?” he asked, “Anna, something wrong?” The woman rushed forward and kissed him right on the lips. Tsuzuki kissed back confused as he slowly took her by the waist. Anna kept coming with the kisses as Tsuzuki got the message loud and clear. He pushed her back, leaving Anna looking at him pouting. Her lover gave her a hungry smile.

“Shhh,” he whispered, “There, there. If you keep this up now, we won’t make it back to the bedroom.” Anna’s eyes slowly lit up as she parted her lips to speak, but Tsuzuki gently placed his finger on them.

“Shhh,” he repeated. His beloved nodded like a little child waiting to eat her cake.

“Very good,” Tsuzuki whispered. He pushed open Kimoto Manor’s front door.

“Take me!” she whispered as she grabbed him by the hand, “Take me, my love.” The shinigami leaned in and nibbled her on the ear.

“I will,” he whispered. “Just relax.” Tsuzuki quietly led her inside and Anna shut the door behind them. Her lover turned and kissed her on the lips with an open mouth kiss. Anna’s heart sped up as she kissed back. She flung her arms around his neck. Tsuzuki took her by the waist in return.

Their kisses led back to the bedroom. He playfully pushed her back onto the futon. Anna giggled as she felt the back of her knees touch the sheets. She looked up at him with eyes of a playfully innocent lustful nature. Tsuzuki knelt over her.

“What do you want tonight?” he whispered. Anna gave him a little smile.

“You,” she said as her fingers lightly danced along his throat, “Only you.” The touch alone made his mouth water. Whatever the princess wanted, the princess got. He leaned down and pressed his lips against hers. Anna reached up and undid his tie. His jacket landed near Kobe’s bed. It came natural to take her time undressing him; heightened the arousal that way. She slowly looked up at her lover as she took his shirt into her hands, waiting for approval. Tsuzuki only kissed her on the forehead.

Anna began the slow sensual process of unbuttoning his shirt. He kissed down her neck in the same way. The woman moaned as she came down to his chest. She had to force herself to keep on. After the last button, Anna’s fingers glided down his arms as she slid his shirt off his shirt. Tsuzuki tried to stay still to let her finish.

His hands went for her shoulders and started off by massaging them. She whimpered as the shinigami gently nibbled along her throat. He had learned the art of teasing in bed from many lovers in the past. His innocent demeanor added on to the efforts. He gently licked along her throat, making Anna’s breath quickened. Tsuzuki gave her another kiss just above her breasts.

“Relax,” he purred in her ear, “Relax.” The shinigami delicately took her red and white sundress in his hands.

“You wore this dress when we first made love,” he whispered. Anna’s cheeks went cotton candy pink.

“Oh yeah…” she mumbled. Tsuzuki tenderly played with her dress. He tipped his head down and playfully nipped at her collarbone. Anna whimpered in pain and pleasure. He licked on the bite mark some before turning to her ear.

“You want me to take this dress off, don’t you?” he whispered.

“Yes!” Anna breathed out. Tsuzuki gave her a naughty grin.

“Not yet,” he whispered. The shinigami kissed on her neck again. He processed to kiss on; causing more moans to her leave her lips. Anna’s fingers laced themselves in his short brown hair. Tsuzuki added in licks before taking his time sliding off the dress. Tsuzuki turned back to his beloved. More skin revealed to him met more access for teasing.

Anna gave him another kiss as she grabbed onto his trousers. She took her time unfastening them. Tsuzuki moaned along her neck as the tip of his tongue escaped to the hot flesh below. She moaned aloud again as she began sliding down his pants. Her warm hands really fired him awake down below. She moaned aloud as she began sliding down his pants. Her warm hands really fired him awake down below. Unable to hold back any longer, Tsuzuki kissed her on the mouth. His tongue slowly pushed past her lips. It found its way to her own tongue. He began the lazy moist battle in her mouth. A muzzled cry escaped into his mouth from Anna as she finished up with his trousers. They landed in the growing sea on the carpet. Her hands slowly fluttered to his boxers. They teased the band for close to a minute before sliding them off. Tsuzuki kneaded on her scarred-up back before taking a hold of her black and pink bra in his hands. Clasp by clasp, he unhooked it with care. Tsuzuki’s hands slowly caressed Anna’s sides to her hips. He grasped onto her matching panties and slid them down off of her thighs, knees, calves, and small ankles. Anna parted her pale thighs underneath him as an invitation.

Downtown Tokyo; the whole atmosphere shaded over a hazy heavy sea of blood red. In the back alley of a seedy nightclub, an amorous pink film director had a cigarette to clear his head. He had the corrupt charm of Ares, the god of war. Many thought that he was in the Yakuza due to the tattoos on his back. Despite his bad boy image, the director was bored. He always had women practically mailing their vaginas to him. He gladly slept with them all ever night, but yet he was bored.

These skanks in the city were all the same: shallow, needy, and vain whores. Their talking made the director want to stab them in the throat. He needed something new; a challenge to be exact. The director ached for a strong woman to struggle against him. Tonight, this bad boy would get his wish.

The sound of someone vomiting outside the club caught his ear. He looked up to investigate. A woman was tending to her sick friend outside. The man eyed this woman closely. She looked like a catch with her auburn hair to her shoulders. Creamy white skin with a curvy body held his eyes hostage. Her little black dress heightened her attention to her legs, hips, and breasts. The director recognized her right away. This woman was on a cable access program, V Power. She was the host that preached about feminism and keeping their virginity until their right soul mate came along or some shit like that. Either way, he wanted to break the ice queen. He dreamed to free the wild woman imprisoned inside. Tonight, opportunity opened her blouse to him. He waited until the friend went back inside the club. The director walked over to his prey.

The hostess was about to go back into the club when she felt someone put a death grip on her right shoulder. Before she could look, the woman felt her body almost being lifted up and turned around. She was pinned up against the wall.

“Ow,” the woman mumbled as she landed and opened her eyes. The director looked her straight in her hazel-green eyes with his own hungry violet eyes. He licked his lips at the squirming figure under him. He forced a kiss onto her lips. She struggled to get away, but the director pulled away and grinned at her.

“We finally meet,” he said, “Do you know who I am?”

“No!” his prey hissed. The predator smirked at her as he shook his head. He gently stroked her cheek.

“Love, don’t insult my intelligence,” he said. The woman glared at him.

“You’re that pink film director!” she snapped.

“Thank you,” he replied. The woman tried to look away, but he turned her face back to him. She tried to push him away again.

“Get off me!” the woman snapped. The director used his weight to keep her still.

“Why?” he challenged, “Why this pretense? Why deny yourself great pleasure? Why refuse sex? Come to bed with me, my doll.”

“No!” she barked. The woman tried to kick and push at this horny monster. Her struggling only made him hungrier. He licked his lips again.

“It’s a shame, really,” the director whispered, “Why do you keep such a sexy body all to yourself? Give it all to me; I want to break you and make you my angel.” His fingers traced from her cheek to her throat. Her rage churned in her mind.

“Who wants that?!?” she snapped. He smirked at her like the devil.

“I’ll be nice to you,” the director purred at her, “Really nice.” He licked her ear lobe, cheek and neck.

“Let me go!” she cried.

“No!” the director snapped. “Let yourself go first!” He kissed her on the lips as his hand disappeared down to her inner thigh. The predator’s fingers danced along the warm flesh while his prey’s breath quickened. The director smirked at the effect he had on her.

He reached her panties and moved the crotch aside. His fingertips brushed against her gates. The prey whimpered in her newfound pleasure. He smiled at her wickedly as he kept massaging her. In up to one minute, she folded under his seduction.

They made it back to his house. He seduced her all the way to his bed. He lied her down and stripped her painfully slow of her clothes under the red haze. She didn’t even fight back. Something else invaded her head. She actually wanted this to happen.

They made love lost under their red-hazed speed; high off of each other. Whether he wanted her for the night or permanently, remained unclear. She didn’t ask herself that question for her head had been invaded. She was exposing all of her deepest secrets and desires to a charming animal.

Afterwards, they lied beside each other, panting naked in a sea of linen-cotton sheets. She turned to him like a lost child.

“What becomes of me now?” the former proud virgin asked. The director only gave her a sexy grin.

“Up to you,” he said as he held her hand. She took his hand almost reluctantly in return.

Tsuzuki and Anna slept in each other’s arms once their storm died down as the rain poured on outside.