Chapter Fourteen: Round One:

The shinigami looked at the mess in the living room. Clothes were thrown all over the floor and cigarette butts scattered everywhere. Food stuck to the walls. One of Jessie's black bras hung from the ceiling fan. There was a hole punched into the wall near the hallway. Blood stains decorated the floor and walls. Drug paraphernalia and empty alcohol bottles added to the unsettling scenery. Bits of broken glass made their stomachs lurch. Hisoka had lived like this for close to a month? The shinigami didn't want to believe it, but the evidence screamed at them otherwise. How did it come to all of this?

Hisoka never used drugs or alcohol before. Every time the other shinigami came to his house, it always looked spotless and as if it came out of a catalog. Plus, Hisoka wasn't a very social person to begin with. The fact that he had a girl living with him and was practically abusing drugs with her sounded very much unlike him. Plus, the girl was a level seven demon too? Tsuzuki rose to his feet and walked over to a pile of dirty clothes. Tatsumi and Watari looked up.

"Tsuzuki?" the secretary asked. The older shinigami looked up at him.

"I figured we'd clean up a bit, you know?" he said. "I don't think when Hisoka returns, he would want to see any of this." His friends stood up and helped out. Tsuzuki smiled. Thanks guys, he thought before going back to picking up the clothes.


Two lovers sat in the living room, hungry for blood. They practically dared each other to move. He had scratched her face moments before that led to a brief knock-down-drag-out. This wasn't supposed to happen. She was supposed to be the one pulling the strings. He was starting to steal back control. Like hell she would that happen. Come on, bastard! Come at me!

Hisoka finished his beer. He's itching to yell at her and she's making it worse for him. Jessie wasn't that pretty to begin with and now, she'd gotten uglier. How did I even find her attractive? To be honest, he found her quite annoying. His eyes stared into hers, glaring. He wanted her to invoke him. In fact, he was looking forward to it. Jessie shifted to get up from the couch. Hisoka shot a cold look at her.

"And where are you going?" he snapped. Jessie gave him a dirty look.

"To the bathroom!" she barked. "Got a problem?"

"Why?!" he shouted.

"Because I can!" Jessie yelled back. Hisoka bit into a cold rice ball.

"Whatever," he mumbled. Jessie narrowed her eyes at him, sneering.

"Asshole!" the demon muttered. She flipped him the bird before turning down the hall. Too bad Hisoka caught that.

"What did you say?!" he barked. Jessie didn't have time to respond before Hisoka lunged over and pinned her against the wall. She tried to push him off.

"Get off me!" the demon shouted.

"Tell me what you said," he hissed. "Tell me!"

"Get the hell off of me!" Jessie yelled. She finally pushed off and walked to the bathroom only to have Hisoka tackle her from behind and pushed her down to the floor. Jessie turned to him, growling.

"Get off!" she hissed.

"Take back what you said!" the shinigami hissed.

"No!" the demon said with gritted teeth as she struggled to get away from him. He buried one hand in her hair.

"Take it back!" Hisoka growled. Wham! Jessie's face slammed into the bathroom floor. She tried not to scream out in pain.

"Fuck you!" Jessie shouted. Wham! She felt her nose break this time.

"Take it back, bitch!"

"Fuck off!" Wham! Wham! This kept up for thirty minutes. Hisoka finally sat back after a while, panting. Jessie lifted her head with a burning fury in her eyes. Blood ran down from her nose, forehead, and jaw. She spat some onto the floor. Jessie needed to change tactics and get back on top. She gritted her teeth. I will not become his bitch! Damn him! Fucking asshole! The demon spat out more blood onto the bathroom floor.