Chapter Fourteen: Say Uncle!:

May 20th, 1976: Twenty-three-year-old American business woman found strangled and stabbed to death in hotel parking lot.

December 25th, 1980: Hostess from Club Pleasure found strangled and stabbed to death in bay.

July 8th, 1982: Two high school girls found strangled and stabbed to death on Maiko Beach.

September 10th, 1988: Thirty-seven-year-old nurse found strangled and stabbed to death in Kobe University Hospital’s parking lot.

June 29th, 1991: Two female high school seniors found strangled and stabbed to death in a playground near Suma Rikyu Park.

February 15th, 1997: Prostitute found hanged and stabbed to death in brothel room in downtown Kobe.

November 11th, 1999: Twenty-five-year-old nurse found strangled and stabbed to death in Ginko Yuki Nursing Home’s parking lot.

March 6th, 2006: Nineteen-year-old girl found strangled and stabbed to death in Kobe Municipal Arboretum.

May 7th, 2009: Twenty-six-year-old interpreter found strangled to death on the sidewalk after being thrown out the Peninsula Tokyo Chiyoda window.

May 20th, 2009: Twenty-one-year-old geisha found strangled and stabbed to death in Inokashira Park.

June 10th, 2009.

He walked up to Wisteria House’s front door. He could sense Anna here and he knew why. Trying to break daddy’s shield, huh?, he thought with a smirk, You just keep it entertaining for me, little lamb. He rang the door bell.

“Coming, sweetheart!” Emiko said in a chipper voice on the other side. He waited with his wire under his shirt. The lamb escaped death last month; this time she wouldn’t be so lucky.

Emiko opened the door smiling, “Hoto-chan! What took ya? I thought I would have to send the sear…” She stopped cold when she saw it wasn’t Hotaru at the door before her. Instead, a fifty-two-year-old man smirked at her. He looked like Satan in human form. His short black hair was peppered in greys. He still had some sturdy muscle to his body despite his age. The man fit the role of a mob hit man all dressed in black. The black leather gloves completed his look. The butch demon went into attack mode.

“Kimoto Yasuo! What do you want?” she hissed. The old man raised an eyebrow at her as he held back his laughter.

“I’m surprised that a demon still calls me by my real name. I’m usually called the ‘Angel Strangler’ nowadays among humans and supernatural beings,” he said rather cocky, almost bragging even. Emiko grabbed onto her knife in her jeans.

“What do you want, Yasuo?” she asked with gritted teeth.

“Relax, love,” the old man smoothed over, “I only came to see my darling niece. Is she here?” Yasuo looked in the house for Anna. Emiko blocked his view.

“Well she’s not here!” she barked.

“Liar,” he said in a low voice in her ear, “I can smell the lamb’s blood. Let me in!” Yasuo tried to push his way into the house. Emiko tried to block him out by pushing her weigh in her body. The butch demon whipped out her knife and aimed at his chest.

“Like hell I will! Piss off!” she yelled.

“Not until I see Anna,” Yasuo said with his voice dipped in ice.

“Why? So you can kill her?” she asked.

“Something like that,” he replied ever so coolly, “Why do you care?” The butch demon gritted her teeth while not once letting down her guard.

“What’s going on, Emiko?” a voice asked behind them. The demon and kitsune-tsukai looked up. Anna wandered into the living room from down the hall. She had just been woken up from some much needed rest after last night’s “session.” The woman slowly rubbed her eyes and looked up.

“Is Hotaru back ye--?” she asked as she yawned aloud. Anna froze when she saw Yasuo smirking at her. Her blood ran cold as she backed away with fear paralyzing her trim frame. Yasuo resisted snickering at her.

“Hello, my little niece,” he said in serpent-like voice. Anna’s mouth dropped open. Suddenly, her wrists burned in an icy heat. She screamed aloud as sank to her knees panting. Emiko’s eyes widened.

“Anna!” the butch demon yelped as she dashed over to her. The woman winced in pain as she took in slow breaths.

“It’s happening again! So cold! Make it stop! It’s hurting me!” she pleaded. The butch demon knelt down beside of her friend.

“Let me see your wrists,” she ordered her. Anna slowly flipped them up and showed them to her. The Kanji glowed a bright blue as she shut her eyes in deep pain. A deep laughter caught her ears. Anna yanked open her eyes and looked up with Emiko. Yasuo really looked like Satan with the sin in his twisted grin.

“Oh, I see it now!” he cooed, “Even after death baby brother still protects you; how sweet!” Anna’s eyes widened with realization as she stared at her uncle.

“It’s you!” she screamed, “You’re the one who killed me!” Her uncle grinned at her as Emiko stared in shock.

“Yes, my dear!” Yasuo said laughing at her, “I, Kimoto Yasuo, ended your life that night. Would have gone perfectly, but that moron Shinigami just had to intervene.” He folded his arms across his chest. “Good for me though,” he said taking in the scene before his very eyes, “I get to kill you all over again. I’ll enjoy hearing you scream just like your father and aunts!” Anna glared at him in icy pain.

“So you and grandma did kill Yumiko and Kirika?!?” she screamed. Her uncle licked his lips, hungry for more blood.

“Those little lambs pleaded for their lives until the very end,” he bragged, “Such a beautiful sound they made. Yumiko wasn’t as tough as she made herself to be. Boy, did she scream!” The old man leaned in close to his target’s face.” You’ll make the same beautiful sound when I kill you again!” Anna glared at him in rage.

“You bastard!” she shouted as she lunged forward through her pain. Emiko picked up her knife and pointed it at the kitsune-tsukai.

“You will not hurt her!” she growled. Yasuo laughed at the challenge.

“Oh, you’re so darling, love, he cooed, “But enough with the games! Lucky for you little lamb, I have no desire to kill you in your current state.” Anna glared at him though her excruciating pain in her wrists.

“Any why is that?” she asked as sucked in a mouthful of air.

“Do you know why a cat doesn’t kill an injured mouse right away?” her uncle asked as he rose to his feet.

“What’s that got to do with anything?!?” his niece said as sweat developed on her forehead. Yasuo gave her a cold smile as he patted her on the head.

“Just answer the question,” he said in a low voice.

Anna sighed, “Fine, no.”

“I’ll tell you,” Yasuo announced, “If the cat killed that mouse, it wouldn’t have anything to play with anymore.” His eyes glinted with a new hunger for blood. “If I killed you now, that would be boring,” he went on, “I like you strong. So be a good little lamb and break daddy’s shield for me. I want real kill!” Yasuo turned to Emiko.

“Emi-love, it would be best for you not to get in the way. Otherwise, I would hate for anything to happen to the ones you love,” he warned her. The butch demon clenched her teeth and clutched her knife.

“If you lay a single hand on my Hoto-chan, I’ll skin you alive with my own bare hands!” she barked. Yasuo smiled and shook his head.

“You really are amusing to me!” the old man told her, “But, I have to depart now and tell mother what you’re up to.” He turned to leave, but then Yasuo took one more look at niece. She looked at him with red and pain in her eyes. Yasuo smirked at her misery.

“I would leave you a little something to remember me by, but I already have,” he told her, “So, enjoy my little gift some more.” He walked away laughing into the hot summer afternoon. Emiko gave him the bird as the door slammed shut.

“Asshole!” she barked. The butch demon turned back to her injured friend. Anna looked up while she breathed in tight pain.

“Call… Tsuzuki!” she forced out. Emiko looked at her confused.

“But your wrists…” she said.

“I’ll be fine! Just call him! He has to know who killed me!” Anna yelled in between breaths.

“Right,” Emiko said nodding. She ran straight to the phone as Anna sat waiting in pain. Through the mockery and misery was born her new motivation to fight.