Chapter Twelve: Seita:

February 15th, 2005.

The boy sat on the darkened living room in the early hours of the morning. Bruised left cheek bone, cut on the lower lip, and two black eyes were his only Valentine�s Day present last night. No thanks to his mom�s boyfriend, of course. He seemed to hate that kid. Why? The boy narrowed it down to either jealousy or something to do. He couldn�t really tell, however. Did the boy�s mother care? The mom was too dunk or high to even notice that she had a son. This was evident when she asked him who he was every morning. The boy grew to accept this loveless home life for four years.

Last night did it for him though. The boyfriend went overkill on him. Poor kid never stood a chance. Lip and beat down, as usual. Only, something changed that night. Four years of sorrow caved way to rage for the beaten boy. Why was he the punching bag for this douche bag�s drunken fury?

The boy leapt forward and bit the boyfriend on the thigh as a starter. He managed to push the man down on the ground with all of his might. The man hit the computer desk and crashed to the floor with a thud. He looked up to see the boy itching to attack again. He even had his little fists up to fight. The boyfriend gave a mocking laugh.

�Is that the best you can do?� he asked. The boy saw fire as he leapt forward to attack again. Too bad the boyfriend had the upper hand. As the child leapt forward to tackle him, the man kicked him to the wall. The boy crashed backwards with a thud, knocking the wind out of his lungs. The boyfriend walked up to the kid, growling at him.

�Now I�ll show you what a real man can do!� he barked. By the child looked up, the man was cracking his knuckles for round two. Under a minute, the kid was knocked out cold with all of his new injuries along with the older ones. The boyfriend stood over the victim smirking as he spat out blood from his mouth that the boy had managed to cause him from pushing him down to the hard tatami mats.

�Stupid kid!� he muttered, �Just as pathetic as that bitch.� The man walked away snorting. Last night�s beating led to the boy�s two am decision. He couldn�t take living in this loveless Hell anymore. So, the boy packed up his things and ran away from home.

May 19th, 2009.

The Shinigami left again and Anna was alone once more. Only this time, she felt better.

I am a kitsune handler, she thought as she went into the manor. The woman knew, but she hadn�t thought much about it. But now, the whole Eda-Kimoto had struck her interests. They had baited her mind like a fish to a worm on a hook. She needed to learn more about her family. Right now, she hadn�t known a bed since last night. It hadn�t hit her until now. Anna dragged herself to Daisuke�s office for a little sleep. Once there, she collapsed onto the futon and took a nap.

Around 5:45, Anna awoke to someone opening the front door. At first, she was a out of it.

Rihoko�s back already?, she thought. The woman got up and wandered down the hall. Anna began to realize the situation when she found that the manor was still dark. Okay, so who was here with her?

Anna kept quiet and peeked into the living room. A figure was stuffed small electronics in his backpack. The woman studied him as she tried to form a plan in her head. This intruder looked like Hisoka�s physical age. Due to the lack of light, she could only see his back as he was swiping the small valuables and electronics. The alarm went off in Anna�s mind.

She crept into the living room and felt along for something hard for defense. She happened to find one of Rihoko�s unused textbooks in the bookcase. The woman braced herself to attack and move forward. The thief was about to leave with the loot when he noticed someone standing right behind him. He quickly whipped around.

�What the�� he began to yelp. CRASH! He went down for the count at Anna�s feet. When he came to, the boy had a throbbing headache.

�What the hell�� he mumbled. The boy found that he couldn�t move. He quickly looked down to see that packing cords had him strapped down to the chair.

�Damn it,� he mumbled to himself. �How the hell did this happen?� It was then the boy noticed that the lights were brightly on in the living room.

�Oh�� the boy mumbled. Having the feeling that someone was watching him, he looked ahead of him. Anna sat in front of him watching, tapping her cheek with her fingers. The boy growled and glared at her.

�What the fuck did you do to me?!?� he roared as he tried to break free of his bindings.

�I just knocked you out and bound you down so that you couldn�t leave,� Anna explained ever so calmly. Her captive sneered at her.

�You bitch! Let me go now!� the boy snapped.

�Uh-uh,� Anna replied. The boy snorted at the woman. Then, he broke into a smirk as he tried to hold back his laughter.

�Aw, what you�re going to hold me here until the police come?� he asked rather boldly. �I ain�t scared of jail! I�m already in the system! In fact, I just got out of juvi!� Anna shook her head at him.

�Nope,� she admitted. The boy blinked at her rather confused now.

�You�re not going to kill me, are you?� he asked.

�No,� the woman answered.

�Then� what are you going to do with me?� her captive asked. Anna didn�t answer as she studied him for a minute. The psychology minor degree got right to work in her head. The boy glared at her as he narrowed his eyes.

�What the fuck are you staring at?!?� he barked.

�I sense some bitterness,� Anna said as she was a professional therapist at work.

�You think?� the thief snapped. The woman leaned in closer to his face.

�What�s the problem?� she asked.

�You�re holding me here against my will or are you blind?� her captive asked with gall in his voice. Anna shook her head.

�It�s more than that,� she said. The boy glared on at her.

�Look, I�ll give the stuff back. Just let me go,� he offered.

�Shhh! I�m working here,� his captor said as she tried to piece him together in her mind. The boy sighed annoyed as he tried to work the cords off of his body. What was with this woman? What was she plotting here? Anna narrowed her eyes rather puzzled.

�Shouldn�t you be doing some homework or a school club activity?� she asked. The boy snorted again.

�No! I skipped school for the whole day!� he barked.

�Do your parents know where you are?� Anna quizzed him. The boy all but laughed at her. This response caught her interest.

�Home troubles, huh?� she suggested.

�Not anymore�� the boy mumbled.

�Huh?� Anna asked. The boy glared on at her.

�My mom is a drunk and high slut who can�t remember that I�m her son. Her boyfriend is an abusive piece of shit who made me his personal punching bag! I took it every day until tried to fight back and I ran away from home four years ago!�

�Pity,� the woman replied with no expression on her face.

�Look, can you let me go now, lady? What more do you want from me?� her captive asked. Anna couldn�t wrap her head around it. He didn�t fit the part of her killer. This was just a normal kid who was trying to rod the manor with bad timing. Still, he needed to be kept under close watch until confirmed innocent.

�What�s your name, kid?� she asked.

�Seita!� the boy hissed.

�Seita, what?� Anna asked.

�Tojo Seita! Now can you let me go?� her captive asked. Anna smiled at him kindly.

�Nice to meet you, Seita. I�m Kimoto Anna,� she replied. The boy was surprised, but didn�t show it. Suddenly, the front door slid open.

�We�re home!� Rihoko called as she and her daughter walked inside. They came across the �ghost� and the thief in the living room. The mother blinked at the scene before her.

�Anna-san,� Rihoko said, �Who is this? What�s going on here?� The �ghost� stood up smiling.

�My buddy, Seita, here is staying here for dinner!� she announced. She turned to her hostage.

�Tojo Seita,� Anna said, �These are my friends, Tanaka Rihoko and her cute little daughter, Yoko-chan.�

�Hi,� the girls said.

�Hi,� the boy mumbled, still annoyed by all of this. Anna clapped her hand together smiling.

�Great!� she said, �Let�s have dinner, shall we?� Everyone nodded uncertain this whole idea.

�Good,� Anna said. She turned her attention to the captive. �Seita, could you be a dear and help Yoko-chan prepare dinner?� The boy rolled his eyes.

�Like I have a choice,� he mumbled under his breath.

�Sorry?� the �ghost� questioned with a sharp tone, pretending not to hear him.

�Sure,� Seita tried again fake-happy, �I�d be happy to help!�

�Good boy!� Anna repeated as she patted him on the head. She freed him from his bindings and helped the boy to his feet. The �ghost� nudged the hostage to the little girl. Both walked into the kitchen with Anna watching sternly. That is how Tojo Seita came to live at Kimoto Manor, against his will in the beginning anyway.