I: Boy from Scotland:

In 2042, Scotland gave birth to a star. June was a good month that year. The country was in the middle of a solid economic year. Art had just been reborn. Yet, Scotland had no real idols that year. That all changed on June third, 2042 at nine o�clock in the morning.

Evan was born by caesarean and given a clean bill of health. He became the son of a proud painter and a schoolteacher at nine in the morning. The boy grew up in a world of art and knowledge. His parents gave him everything that they had to offer to their son.

Despite growing up with normal childhood and high education, Evan wanted more. At age thirteen, he discovered his ticket to greater things.

II: Off to Japan:

In 2055, Evan was sick from school that day. Bored, the boy wandered down to his father�s study. There wasn�t much to look at in this room. In fact, his father didn�t use this room hardly at all. He only came in and out of it once a year. Little always wondered what was in the room. He wanted to ask his dad, but something else always got in the way.

Until today�

Evan turned the brass door knob and walked inside. Pine and cigars flirted with his nose. Yet due to his stuffed nose, he really couldn�t tell. Evan tried to peek inside. Pitch black and cool as far as the eye could see. He reached inside and turned on light. The low hum of the light flipped on. He nearly jumped up in the air, but the boy covered his mouth. His father was sound asleep in the room down the hall. Right, this had to be quick!

Evan crept inside. The only thing in the small room was a big, mahogany desk against the back wall. The drawers were locked�all except for one. Evan walked closer to the drawer in question and pulled it open.

An old-timed big lenses camera sat inside at the very bottom. A puzzled look came over the boy�s face. What is that?, he thought. The boy picked up the camera and examined it for what felt like minutes. He looked through the hole of this magical-looking device. He could feel his heart racing.

What is this thing?, he thought.

�And what are you doing out of bed, young man?� a voice boomed behind him. The boy spun around with the camera in his hands. His father stood in the doorway towering over him like an oak tree. Evan trembled as he held the firmly in his hands.

�N-Nothing!� he lied at first. His father kept his small brown eyes on his son.

�Why do you have my camera?� he asked. The son blinked at him.

�That�s what that is?� he asked. �Why is it so big? I thought cameras were smaller than this?� His father gave him a little smile.

�Come here, we�ll have a little talk about the camera,� he said. This is where Evan�s love of photography and directing was first born. He had up to twelve filled out photo album and two short films created by the time he was sixteen. Soon, Scotland wasn�t enough for him anymore.

At age eighteen, Evan was accepted into Tokyo Sakura Art University under a scholarship.

III: Welcome to the Factory, Evan:

The first year of Japan was a struggle for the aspiring director/photographer. First off, he didn�t have enough money to get his living expenses through the first go around. Lucky for him, an artist has to be resourceful. Evan made friends in his classes and dorm hall to help him make ends meet. He pulled this for five months until he could function financially on his own.

Next, he had to find a job for his art and himself until he could make it big. Naturally, he didn�t want something small, but in reality, what choice did he have? So, he worked as a busboy at one of Neo-Tokyo�s trendiest bars. That�s where he met Andy Teach.

Evan could remember it being a hot summer afternoon on that particular day. Evan had just started the lunch shift with his coworkers. He forced himself to work without any breaks today. He could almost feel his paycheck in his fingertips. Don�t screw up today! Don�t screw up today!, he thought over and over again. The bell on the counter brought him back to reality.

�Stone!� the cook yelled. �Table seventeen�s lunch is ready!�

�Yes sir!� the photography major freshman yelled. Then, he hurried over to the counter and got the sandwich. And low and behold, Andy Teach sat at table seventeen looking over some random photo for some potential new stars. He didn�t look up until he heard his plate touch the table. Evan stood next to him with a smile screwed on his face.

�Here is your roast teriyaki chicken LT sandwich, sir,� he said.

�Thank you,� Andy said.

�Can I get you anything else, sir?� Evan asked. The charismatic leader thought about that for a long moment.

�Actually, there is one thing,� he said. The man turned to the wall behind him. �Did you take all of these photos?�

�Yes,� Evan admitted.

�I see. Are you studying photography?�

�Yes and I want to be a director.�

�I see. Have would you like a job at my factory?�


Well would you look at that. Andy�s caught another one in his charming net.

IV: Ian�s Pupil:

Tokyo Sakura Art University is a good school for art students alike. But, Evan wanted more. The Stardust Factory filled in the gaps impressively. Ian happily took the lad under his wing and gave him plenty of assignments to work with.

Evan�s skills got sharper with each picture. Ian send Evan�s pictures around to different magazines. The student made good amounts of money thanks to his teacher. However, teaching isn�t the only the way to make good photos for him. He needed some inspiration to do his art.

Enter his girlfriend, Pandora.

V: Evan + Pandora:

Scotland and England

Both of them are stars of the Stardust Factory

They both go to Tokyo Sakura Art University together

She wants to be a fashion designer and he is trying to be a film director

He helps her get around campus and general

Over the months, he has fallen for her, but he couldn�t find the courage to tell her

Finally, he took her on the day before Christmas break

She reciprocate those feelings and they became an item

But yet, there is trouble in paradise

The rival is from Ireland

VI: Evan vs. Hunter:

Ireland and Scotland

Both men are responsible stars in the Stardust Factory

Ireland is an actor while Scotland is a director

They should be friends, right?

There is one little problem to this

England has both of their hearts and she won�t let them go

Scotland officially has her, but Ireland is shagging her behind his back

Scotland isn�t any wiser, right?

It�s only a matter of time�

VII: Cut, Edit, Print:

Evan is more of director than a photographer at heart. He already filmed two films in his youth. The young man wants to film an actual movie now. Ian does most of the filming in the Factory. Evan just stands back and watches. Pretty boring for him.

�When do I get film movies here?� he asked Ian as they were doing the edits together on Andy�s latest film. Ian smiled to himself as he started up his laptop to watch the product.

�How are your grades?� he asked.

�A�s and B�s so far.�

�So far?�

�Got a big exam coming up.�

�Better get to studying, then.�

�But when do I get to film a movie?�

�When you make it to your junior year with straight A�s.�

Evan frowned at that statement. Every fucking time he does that to me!, he thought. Every fucking time! Maybe next time�

VIII: Boy with the Camera in His Hands:

From Scotland to Japan. From Tokyo Sakura Art University to the Stardust Factory. From Andy and Ian to Pandora and Hunter. All from one man on a mission to contribute to photography art.

Black Pictures