Chapter four: Slave:

    Pitch darkness. Every now and then, an explosion in the night. They had others to fire on any who could not keep up. Their finger on the triggers, they did not deprive themselves of this pleasure. If one of us stopped for a second, a sharp shot finished off another filthy son of a bitch.”

-Elie Wiesel “Night”
    Takeru awoke in fear. Three nights in a row this had happened. What was going on? Once was normal. But three times? Was this a prophecy or a spell? He couldn’t tell.

    Saturday was a lovely day. The sakura petals were drifted to the ground. Takeru was lying on the grass in the park looking up at the sky. The thick clouds were drifting by. It was like a dream. Then a shadow came over the boy. “Hi Aneko,” said he. “Damn.” his girlfriend said. “I was hoping to surprise you.” Takeru smirked. “Once you’re seen it enough, it’s so predictable.” he said. *Sweat drop on Aneko’s head*

    “Aneko.” Takeru spoke up. “Oro?” she asked. “Have you had a recurring nightmare?” her boyfriend asked. “Hai, naze?” Aneko asked. Takeru didn’t know it he should tell her. Would she understand? “What’s wrong?” Aneko asked. Oro?” Takeru asked. “You seemed worried for the last three days.” she continued. “Is something wrong?” Takeru couldn’t answer. Nani could he say? “Uh…..well…..” he began.

    Right then, a cell phone went off. Aneko looked down. “That’s me.” she said. Then she reached into her shorts pocket, pulled out her pink phone, and answered it. Takeru sighed in relief. But he knew it wasn’t over yet.

    That evening, Takeru walked Aneko home. She didn’t ask any questions on the way. The boy was relived. “Oyasumi-nasai Take-chan.” Aneko said. “Ban.” Takeru said back. (Noiz Note: “Ban”= “Night” in Jap.) Then he turned to leave. “Take-chan.” Aneko said. Takeru paused and turned his head. “Hai?” he asked. “If there is a problem,” his girl said. “Come and talk to me about it.” Takeru smiled and nodded. Then Aneko hugged and kissed him. Takeru watched as she walked up to the castle and went inside. The boy sighed. The evening may have been sweet but the ban was bitter.

*Nightmare Starts*

    The guards shoved Takeru to the girl’s room. They didn’t have to try too hard. The boy had a rough ban. The floor wasn’t helping his injuries at all. Speaking of which, nothing was in this hell!

    The girl sent the guards away and they left. Takeru stood still. “Well,” the girl snapped. “Don’t just stand there!” “Nani do you want---” Takeru began. “SHUT UP!!” she barked. The boy complied in fear. “Now,” the girl continued. “I want you to go bring me some chocolate.” Takeru looked lost. “Uh….” said he. “Don’t talk! Just go, damnit!” the girl snapped. He bowed and ran off.

    Takeru walked down the hall lost. Where the hell was he supposed to get chocolate? Of course, he couldn’t ask anyone, they might beat on him. So nani’s a guy to do?

    Takeru stood looking lost. “Hey dumass!” someone yelled. The boy looked up. An old woman was standing in the doorway. “Me?” Takeru asked. “Yeah you, baka!” she snapped. “Go fetch me some beer!” “But…” the boy began. “Just do it!” the woman yelled. “Hai san.” Takeru said as he bowed. Then he quickly ran away.

    So now, Takeru had to get chocolate and beer. As if chocolate itself was hard to find. But beer? This job went from being hard to harder.

    “Hey kid!” a voice barked. Takeru looked up. A man in his twenties was standing in the doorway. “Hai?” the boy asked. “Get me some cigarettes!” the man barked. “But….” Takeru said. “DO IT!!!!!” the man yelled. Takeru just bowed and ran along.

    For the rest of the day, Takeru was weighed down with a lot of things to get. Most were impossible to get. But by some odd way, he got them. Boy! Did his feet hurt! Run from place to place wore him down. This was too much for a boy his age!

    That was just the first part. Nani followed was worse.

    Most of people complained about this was the wrong brand, or that was too much, etc, etc. Some even beat on him. Ichi even burned him with a cigarette. By the time Takeru got to the girl’s room, he was worn out. “Well,” the girl snapped. “Where’s my chocolate?” Takeru froze in silent fear. “Did you?” she asked again. The boy shook his head. A fiery rage shot through the girl. “You retarded bastard!!!” she screamed. Then she pulled out a leather cord and flogged him repeatedly until the lost consciousness.

*End of Nightmare*