�Iwao-kun,� Juriko spoke up as she stretched in the woods. I poked a beetle walking across the dirt with my pinky finger.

�Hm?� I asked, not looking up.

�You�re studying to be a priest, right?�

�That�s right, what about it?�

�For how long?�

�A year now, why do you ask?� I replied.

�Can you bring things back from the dead?� she asked. I looked up at her.

�What?� I asked. Juriko shrugged.

�I mean, haven�t you thought about it, at least once?� she asked. I shook my head.

�I don�t even think that�s possible�� I mumbled.

�Well, have you even tried it?� she asked. I slowly shook my head.

�Can�t say I have,� I said. Before I knew it, Juriko�s face was inches from mine. I nearly fell backwards.

�Oh crap!� I gasped. Juriko giggled.

�Then try it!� she said. I blinked.

�Try what?�

�Bringing something back to life.�

�How?� I asked. She shrugged.

�I don�t know,� she said. �You�ll think of something.�

�Okay, but what?� I asked. �How do you want me to do this? What do you want me to bring back?� Juriko sighed as she rolled her eyes.

�I swear,� she mumbled. �Do I have to do everything for you around here?� Sorry, Megami-sama, I thought in sarcasm. Juriko threw up her hands.

�Alright,� she said. �I�ll help you this once. Hang on.� The fox girl looked around in the sky for a target. I looked with her. We finally spotted a little sparrow flying happily in the sky, minding its own business. My eyes stayed fixed on the little bird.

�Perfect,� I heard Juriko mumble. I only got a quick glance at her.

�Huh?� I asked. She threw a needle at the little bird�s chest. The sparrow fell straight to the ground. My eyes widened as my jaw dropped.

�Juriko-chan! Why did you�?� I cried. She held out a graceful hand.

�Shut up and go heal him,� she said. I pressed my lips together.

�Yes,� I said, sighing. I got up and walked over to the sparrow. The poor soul lied there dead with the wind blowing on its feathers. I couldn�t help but to feel sorry for it. One minute, it was flying around, enjoying the warm summer air and the next, it was dead at my feet. My heart ached to think about it.

�What are you waiting for?� Juriko yelled at me. �Do it!� I sighed as I lowered my shoulders.

�Alright,� I said. I turned back to the bird and sank down on my knees before it. I held out my hand and shut my eyes. I drew up a picture of that little sparrow happily flying in the sky once again. That thought ran through my mind. I didn�t know how long I did this, but I opened my eyes when I heard chirping. I looked up and saw that little sparrow flying once again in the sky. I had to admit, a little smile came across my face at my results. Juriko stood next to me.

�Well done,� she said.

�Yeah,� I agreed. The fox turned to leave. I looked up, confused.

�Huh? Where are you going?� I asked.

�Home, you coming?� she said. I nodded once the message sank in.

�Right,� I replied. I got up and followed after her. Sadly, that sparrow died again moments later.