Star Juice

I: First Taste:

Kei had come back from California with a new epiphany. One morning after the reporter beat down, Simon and Conrad went over to see their friend. Kei sat on the couch, smiling. The boys were really nervous.

�Uh� Kei�� Simon spoke up. His friend turned to him with that smile on her face.

�What?� she asked like a fairy. The boys hesitated at first. How exactly could they word the question? Simon and Conrad would just have to improvise. Conrad stepped forward.

�What�s on your mind, girl?� he asked. The heiress� smirk deepened. She looked around a bit and then leaned in to her boys.

�I have discovered something new!� Kei announced. Conrad and Simon looked at her puzzled.

�What do you mean?� Simon asked. Kei grinned at them still.

�While I was in California,� she explained. �I went into Choi-san�s study. I was bored and there was nothing to do. Our trip to the beach got canceled due to the rain. So, I was looking at the different book when one title caught my eye. This was a book of Japanese erotic art. Curious, I pulled the book off of the shelf and opened it up.� She took a moment to gather up her thoughts for the next part. The heiress shook her head a little bit.

�I was shocked by the first page,� Kei said. �It was� Well� I can only explain by showing it to you.� She turned to Simon.

�Could you get me my bag? It�s my bed,� she said.

�Alright,� her friend said. He went down the hall. It only took a minute to wait. Simon returned with the black and pink Hello Kitty purse/bag. The heiress smiled at his work.

�Thanks pal,� she said as she took and unzipped it. Simon nodded. Kei reached into her purse/book bag and pulled out a brand new copy of the Shunga book. She opened it to the first page and showed it to the boys. Simon and Conrad leaned in for a look. Conrad went into silent shock. Simon�s eyes widened in shock as his face went a tomato red.

�W-What is that?!?� he yelled aloud. The boys were looking at the woodblock painted, The Dream of the Fisherman�s Wife. Kei gave them a little smile.

The Dream of the Fisherman�s Wife,� she simply replied. The boys didn�t look up.

�Is that�?� Conrad began to ask.

�Yes,� Kei said calmly as she nodded. Simon looked up at her with jaw dropped open and a pale face.

�But� but� that�s� that�s�� he stammered out. Kei giggled at him.

�That was my first reaction too,� she said. �I stared at the octopi doing all of that to the woman. I wanted to shut the book and put it back, but I couldn�t take my eyes off of the picture. I soon began to wonder how many were there in that book. So, I started to turn the pages to see. Page after page was filled with filth. After a while, I slowly grew used to the smut. Suddenly, I developed a curiosity about sex.� The boys looked up at her on that last part.

�Really?� Conrad asked. Kei gave him a naughty little grin.

�Oh yes!� she announced in scheming malice. Simon and Conrad both swallowed nervously. This didn�t sound good. Not good at all.

II: More Hits:

Toshiko couldn�t stand the wait anymore. She decided to make Saji her bitch. He was so innocent. She couldn�t wait to break him even more. Long before she kicked Louise�s ass, Saji was still trying come to terms with his infidelity. Part of him heard guilt while the other part of him wanted more. The part of him that wanted more soon got his wish.

His cell phone buzzed in class. Saji looked around quickly. Not a single student seemed to notice anything. The boy looked other at his girlfriend. She herself didn�t notice a thing and was listening to the professor talk on and on about today lesson. Saji slowly looked down at his phone. One new text message. Sweat slowly sprang to life across his forehead. He had one guess as to who it was. But was he right? Saji decided to take a risk and see.

The boy quickly flipped open his phone. Sure enough, the message was from Toshiko herself. The smart thing to do would be to delete it and focus back on his schoolwork. But, no. It didn�t happen that way. He pressed the button and the message itself popped up. Saji almost blushed at the content.

See my when you get out of classes at the Crow�s Haven.

Saji froze at those words. Very direct. No hidden meanings or innuendoes. Just go see her at a bar. Nothing else. Saji looked back up at the black board again. His lunch was creeping back into his throat. He thought he was going to be sick.

They day seemed to drag on slowly. Saji was in a confusing position. Should he just go to work or cheat on Louise again? Both of them seemed so close together� Close to dinner time, Saji found himself walking down Sinners Lane. In ten minutes, he stood in front of Crow�s Haven. This bar looked run-down and dead. No, it was zombie. A decaying zombie at that. Saji looked around at the setting. No one was in sight, so far�

Then, the boy heard a low whistle. Saji quickly looked up. Toshiko stood in the alley next to the bar. She didn�t speak, but the hunger in her eyes practically held a hold one-sided conversation with him. The rebellious bad girl motioned him over to her. Saji had no choice but to obey. He slowly walked over to his new owner. Toshiko grabbed him by the waist and dragged him into the alley. She leaned in close to his ear.

�Good boy!� she cooed in his ear. She pinned him up against the wall and forcefully kissed him on the lips. Saji kissed her back. He slowly slipped his tongue into her mouth. Toshiko gave him her tongue as well as she undid his pants. She felt him tremble under her. �Yes, fear me!� she thought. Toshiko gave him a deep kiss on the neck. Her new �bitch� mumbled aloud in guilty pleasure. �I know this wrong,� he thought. �But� it feels too good to stop.� He didn�t bother to stop it either. Toshiko kept unbuttoning his clothes as she worked her way down to his member. He got really hard just by her lips on his skin. Louise had never even tried to be this dirty with him at all.

Toshiko got do on her knees and took his member into her mouth. She sucked him off slowly at first. Saji moaned out loud.

�Oh! That�s so good!� he whimpered. Toshiko smirked at her work. Pleasure found seducing her bitch flooded her brain. This moment was much better than snorting a fresh line of coke. Couldn�t have picked a better way to spend an evening. She kept on going slow until she herself couldn�t take it anymore. The woman sped up right away. Saji shut his eyes and took it all in wave after wave of pleasure. How is it that something so bad can feel this good? Maybe he will never know the answer. But for now, enjoy the yummy �snack.�

After the climax, both go their separate ways. Until the next time she calls him that is.

III: New Quest:

Kei just wouldn�t let the sex thing go. She was plotting something. Simon and Conrad could tell. Neither one dared to ask�at first. Then, Simon just couldn�t hold back any longer.

�Kei, what are you thinking?� he asked her while they were in Keiko�s Diner, having lunch. Conrad nudged him in the ribcage in the force of shooting something.

�Ow,� the shorter boy mumbled. But, it was too late. The heiress turned to them grinning. The boys waited for her to speak. They might as well listen. Simon just had to go and ask.

�I want to lose my virginity!� Kei announced out of the blue without blinking. Conrad did a spit take of his ginger-cherry cola. Simon stared at her with big eyes.

�WHAT?!?� he almost yelled before Conrad covered his mouth. Kei gave them a little shrug.

�I don�t know,� she went on. �I just want to know what sex is like. Ever since I saw those pictures, I just can�t stop thinking about it. I just want the experience for myself?� The heiress looked up and noticed her friends� faces.

�What?� she asked.

�Uh� that�s� pretty good� yeah�� they lied. Kei saw right through them.

�Oh come on!� she said. �I�ll be careful! I promise! Trust me!� Her boys didn�t speak. Kei gave them a little smile as she sat down her chopsticks and napkin.

�Well then,� she said. �I�m done. Eat up so I can the bill and we can split. I have a date tonight.� The boys stared at her at first. Kei motioned them to do so with her hand.

�Well go on,� she said. �Eat!� Conrad and Simon did so�rather quickly.

IV: Hot Bi Stallion:

So far, Jemima has resisted the wild life style of the Stardust Factory. She never slept around or did drugs. The only time the girl went partying was to rescue Pandora from the others. Jemima pretty much did her best to stay sane and level. That was until she laid eyes upon him.

Liam Ross was one of the top stars in the underground film world. Such a sexy man. Everyone loved him. Liam was a blend of many things. Twenty-five years old and oozing with English charm. He had some nice muscle to his slender body. Liam always wore tight jeans and gangster jewelry. He lived up to the bad party boy image on and off-screen. He had tattoos on his back and arms. Plus, he had the haircut of Ewan McGregor in the movie, Trainspotting. Even the cigarette constantly hanging out of his mouth looked hot.

When I saw everyone loved him, I mean everyone. Liam Ross was top idol in Japanese LGBT Subculture. Men and women all wanted to sleep with him. Liam proudly swung both ways. If he fancied you, he fancied you. Simple as that. It just depended on his mood. Everyone knew him in Shinjuku Ni-chome. The stud always had date every single night. Sometimes they were ladies and other times they were men. The actor was up and open for anything in the bedroom. There was no boundary or lover he hadn�t crossed yet. Lately, Liam had his eyes for the curvious Jemima Murdock. Maybe something hot could spark at any moment.

But wait, what does Jemima think about the hot bi stallion? She refuses to say a single word on the matter�

V: Curiosity:

�Jemima.� The curvy actress looked up at her best friend, Pandora.

�Hm?� The designer student shuffled her feet a little bit.

�Have you� you know� done it yet?� Jemima gave her a puzzled look.

�Done what?� Pandora shrugged at her.

�You know� sex.�


�Who would you do with?� Jemima thought about it for a moment. She shrugged at her friend at last.

�Don�t know.�

�How about Liam?� Jemima whipped around to Pandora, blushing wildly.

�PANDORA!� Her best friend shrugged at her.

�Hey, I just thought��

�Well, you thought wrong!� Pandora shrugged at her mate.

�Sorry.� The girls went quiet for moment. Jemima looked at Pandora.

�How about you? Who would you do it with?� The designer student took a moment to think about that.

�I don�t know.� Jemima stuck her tongue out at her best mate.

�How about Evan or Hunter?� Pandora turned bright red at the suggestion.

�JEMIMA!� Her friend shrugged at her.

�Just saying�� Pandora just gave her that look.


�You�re one to talk!� Both girls just laughed. Just like the good old days, really.

VI: Foot Fetish:

Kei came home to her apartment in disappointment. She had just come back from a lousy date. She had met this guy at her school. Uda Hideki seemed cute and normal. He came from a rich family, Yamaguchi-san would have approved. Kei thought about losing her virginity to him. The girl approached him during lunch.

�Hey Hideki,� she greeted him. The boy looked up at her surprised.

�Yamaguchi-san! What a surprise!� he said. The heiress leaned over his shoulder, smiling.

�What are you doing this evening?� she asked. Hideki looked up at her, blushing.

�N-Nothing! Why?� he answered. The heiress smiled at him still. She leaned in close to his ear.

�I want to go out on a date with you,� she whispered. Hideki�s face went bright red.

�S-Sure! Of course!� he said. Kei grinned at him in success.

�Great,� she said. �See you at seven in Keiko�s Diner.� Then, the heiress walked away to class. The day went by quickly. Kei and Hideki�s date started out normal at first. The twosome ate and each other�s company. They seemed to have a nice connection with each other. Hideki treated Kei like a lady. He even paid the bill. Then, he took her back to his house.

His parents weren�t home, so it added onto the atmosphere. He took her back to his room. They sat on his bed. Hideki stared at the heiress� bare feet.

�You have very pretty feet.�

�Thank you.�

�You have very sexy feet.�

�Ooo. Thanks.� Then, the boy sank down onto his knees and took her feet into his hands. He began to rub on them sexually. Kei looked at him slightly uncomfortable.

�*Sweat drop* Uh� what are you doing?� Hideki looked up at her with a hungry look in his eyes.

�Your feet are the most sexy that I�ve ever seen! They are just so beautiful. I want to kiss and worship them so much. I just want to suck on each one of their toes one by one!� Kei was so freaked out by this that she ran all the way home with the virginity still intact. What a letdown.

VII: Offer:

Pandora got an interesting offer of her own. Actually, two interesting offers. Both Hunter and Evan wanted to be her first. It all happened like this:

Evan waited for Pandora so that they could walk to class together like they normally did. All started all simple and normal. Then, Evan came right out and said it.

�Hey Pandora.� She looked over at him.

�Hm?� Evan hesitated at first. Then, he quickly grabbed her by the hands. Pandora looked up at him in surprise. Evan looked deep into her eyes.

�I really do like you,� he began. �Will you go out with me this Friday?� The English girl didn�t know how to answer that at first. Her tongue was really knotted up tight. All the girl could do was nod. Evan gave her a huge grin.

�Great!� he replied. �I�ll pick you up Friday evening.�

�Okay�� Pandora said, uneasily. What she did tell him was that Hunter purposed at more risqu� offer to her last night at the bar as they danced to Goldfrapp�s �Black Cherry.�

While they danced, Hunter leaned in close to her ear. �I want to be your first,� he whispered. Pandora looked up at him in confusion.

�What do you mean?� Hunter gently put his finger to her lips.

�I want to be the first in your bed, with you, lass.� Pandora looked at him with wide eyes of shock. The Irishman gave her a gentle smile.

�Not now. When you are ready, okay?� Pandora could at need at him in surprise. Her smiled at her wickedly. He removed his finger and kissed her on the lips. Pandora kissed him back quickly. They just danced on to the music in silence for the rest of the evening.

Such a jam indeed�

VIII: Freaks All Around:

Freaks. Everyone has a little bit in them. The kinky freaks are everywhere. You just have to know where to look.

Black Silk Sheets