Strange Little Girl

Dateline: Kohana ran a race with a boy and won it.

    At six o’clock in the morning, Megan walked Kohana up the slanted sidewalk to the child psychotherapy care center. “Now sweetie, the doctor is just going to ask you some questions and then you’ll go home. So there is nothing to worry about.” Megan soothed her daughter. “Mmm.” the child mumbled softly. The little princess was still half-asleep. She just wanted to go back to bed. The girls walked into the building and sat quietly on the chairs next to the door. “I’m going into to the room with, okay.” Megan clarified to the child. Kohana nodded. The waiting room was big and painted bight reds, oranges, and yellows. Kohana slid off the chair and walked over to the red-beaded abacas. She played on it until the doctor walked into the waiting room and called: “Tsukibara Sopphina.” The princess looked up and Megan took her by the hand. Then the three of walked into the room.

    “Now behave, Kohana.” Megan said. Kohana just nodded. Then Megan kissed her daughter on the head and left. Kohana sat down in a leather chair waited for the doctor. When doctor Sliver, she took a seat and began talking to Kohana. (Noiz Note: Kohana’s words are in pink and Doc Sliver’s are in blue.)

    “Good morning Sopphina, my name is Doctor Sliver. How are you this morning?”

    “Fine, but tired”

    “Tired, A?”

    *Small nod*

    “I understand you’ve been hearing ghosts.”

    “Yes. I hear them at night, plotting revenge on those who killed them.”

    “Do you know how this has been happening?”



    “Daddy’s death.”


    “Lucifer killed daddy. I saw it! Then he tried to go after me.”


    “I all always thought daddy was going to come back again. And he did.”


    “Yes or at least I think so, I can’t remember it to well.”

    “And when was this?”

    “Me and my nanny were going to Joshu’s manor. The house burned down that night. I was sleeping and I must have fallen out the window or something. Then daddy caught me and I don’t remember anything else after that."

    The two talked on until Kohana’s time was up. After Megan came to get her, Dr. Sliver wrote that Kohana was an optimistic, straightforward, lovable, thoughtful child and that she was just traumatized by ghastly memories.

The End